Are These Behaviors a Sign of Divorce?

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You never expected to start questioning your marriage. Yet, here you are, asking questions and wondering if you chose the right partner for life.

The reality is, not every marriage can be worked through. Sometimes, there are problems that can’t be fixed. These can vary from communication, lifestyle preferences, and future plans.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t mean your decision to get married was bad, and it doesn’t mean that getting divorced would be a bad decision, either. Sometimes it’s what is best.

There is no ultimate sign of divorce, but if you’re wondering what some warning signs might be, keep reading to see where your marriage might be going.

Your Friends Disapprove

One evident sign of divorce might be that your friends and your family don’t approve of your relationship or don’t get along with your partner.

While there are exceptions to this rule, if you believe that your friends and family know you better than anyone, consider their advice and warnings. If they are right, you might be headed for divorce.

There’s Contempt Between You

If either partner considers themself to be above or greater than the other, that inequality is hard to heal from. There’s a difference between disagreements and healthy arguments and talking down to your partner.

Arguments don’t need to have a winner, they can function to help you work through problems together. If they become a kind of competition or berating-fest, that’s a sign that the contempt one partner has for the other is not a sign of love or caring.

You Get Defensive in Arguments

Similarly, if you or your partner become immediately defensive when arguments start or questions are asked, you’re not as worried about solving the problem as you are about feeling offended or attacked.

This defensiveness could come down to unchecked ego. However, if the defensive partner isn’t willing to spend time working on their ego, it could mean the relationship is headed for divorce.

If you keep asking yourself if you should get a divorce, it might be time to find a divorce attorney.

Shutting Down or Stonewalling

At the beginning of an argument, or in the middle of one, you watch your partner pull out their phone or walk away and ignore you, that is called stonewalling.

By avoiding you and checking out of the conversation, they are choosing to ignore the problem and their partner. This is neither healthy nor respectful, and it can mean big problems for your marriage.

When one partner avoids or ignores the other, they are refusing to address the problem at hand. These issues can easily pile up and create an unhealthy and unsalvagable relationship.

The Ultimate Sign of Divorce

While divorce can be difficult and a painful step in your life, it is not the end of the world. Recognizing the final sign of divorce may be the healthiest step to take in the long run for both you and your partner.

No matter what happens, you’ll get through this tough time, and hopefully, you can eventually be on good terms with your ex-spouse.

If you’re looking for other life signs and advice, find more information on our page.

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