The Ultimate Mindfulness Room Designs

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With so many of us living hectic and fast-paced lifestyles, and often it’s tough for us to find the time to think about ourselves and focus on our mental wellbeing. If this sounds like it’s a problem that affects you, then adding a mindfulness room to your home can help. This is because the space will provide a dedicated area where you can spend time relaxing.

Whether you’re searching for a space where you can do yoga exercises, quietly read books or work on your creative projects, an area designed with mindfulness at in mind is perfect. Here’s how you can transform your study or spare room into a mindfulness room that acts as a tranquil place where you for relaxing and refocusing.

1. Preach minimalism

In a room designed for calm, less is often more. After all, a mindfulness room is designed to be a quiet and peaceful area, so over-decorating the space and adding lots of finishing touches will only re-activate your mind and prevent you from reaching a zen-like state.

All you really need for a yoga-friendly mindfulness room is a yoga mat and a simple pillow, so start with these basics and fill the room out from there with bits and pieces you need in the room, rather than things that you want. In terms of a colour scheme, white walls will create the most calming effect, but warm and tranquil colours can work well too.

If you have lots of equipment in your room then it’s also important that you consider smart storage solutions like coffee tables and storage chests for your space. The addition of a retro coffee table in a mindfulness room will not only add a sense of style to the space and create a focal point, but it will allow you to declutter the space and create a relaxing environment. A lack of clutter is really essential for mindfulness, so if you still need to use your room for other forms of household storage, then it’s also vital to think about storage chests and boxes. By choosing wooden options, you’ll not only receive the storage you need, but you’ll also create a lived-in feel that’s completely relaxing. After all, wooden products are considered to be an excellent way of improving your home’s feng shui.

2. Embrace natural light

Natural light has a number of health benefits. It can boost the levels of vitamin D your body receives, improve your sleep and decrease the likelihood of your suffering from seasonal depression. By filling your mindfulness room with natural light, not only will you feel the health benefits, but you will also have a bright room that will help you focus your energy.

If this isn’t possible, then focus on alternative lighting sources such as lamps. Ceiling lights are often too bright and harsh for a space with relaxation in mind, but dimmer switches are an excellent choice because they allow you to adjust your room to a light level that suits your mood.

3. Add a signature scent

Once you’ve decorated your space in a minimalist design, consider adding a signature scent to your mindfulness room. Candles or incense work perfectly in a mindfulness space, and you can use them as a tool to channel moods and memories. So, select a scent that reminds you of a calming experience such as a spa or beach scent. Adding a fragrance like this can help you build an atmosphere in a room and will help you enter a calming headspace, separate from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home.

Follow these three tips and you’ll be able to create a mindfulness space in your home that allows you to escape from the pressures of 21st-century life and improve your mental wellbeing. By creating a tranquil space that’s free from clutter, you’ll find it easy to slip into a peaceful state and leave all your troubles behind you.

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