How to Bring Life to a Compact Living Room

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If you’re looking for ways to style a small, compact living room there are certain design elements that will work in your favour. When it comes to small living spaces, you want to achieve the perfect atmosphere to ensure it’s warm, cosy and welcoming without it feeling cramped or busy. From storage solutions to different décor styles, the following post will go into detail on how you can bring life and character to any compact living room.

Balanced Lighting

Having the right lighting within a room is crucial, especially in smaller spaces. The correct lighting can make a room feel open and spacious, even if there’s little room to work with. You often find that dull, dark rooms fail to create a warm and welcoming feel, so introducing the right lighting will instantly bring that warmer feel, ideal when working with the living areas. When fitting lighting fixtures within a smaller room, you need to take a few things into consideration. One of the main things to think about is the positioning of your lighting. If you have one main light within your living room, you may want to look at introducing some smaller, subtle lamps to help create the perfect atmosphere on an evening. Similarly, when working with the main lights within the room you want to think about the switches installed. You want to avoid large, bulky switches so it’s beneficial to look at some chic, stylish switches like these toggle switches from Buster & Punch, to bring character as well as keeping things minimal.

Mirror Magic

One of the best features to include within a small, compact space is a mirror. From the moment you add a mirror to a room you’ll notice a change in the whole dynamic. Mirrors are ideal for creating a sense of space, reflecting light across the room and helping to open the room up more than normal. It’s always worthwhile having a mirror in a living room, not only for creating space and helping to improve the overall feel of the room, but they are ideal for enhancing the aesthetic and bringing life to the room. There are some beautiful mirror designs available, from large full-length mirrors to stylish oval designs, so It’s worth taking a look around and finding the perfect fit for your living area.

Storage Solutions

It’s often found that compact living spaces have awkward, architectural areas that are impossible to style. This is where storage solutions can come in very handy, as you can design storage to fit almost any space. By having lots of storage in your smaller living space you can ensure things are packed away neatly and not out on display, which will help to keep the room feel open and bright. The last thing you want to do is have loads of clutter on shelves and sides, as this will make the room feel busy and crowded. Less is certainly more when it comes to a compact, small space. Whether you opt for some customised, made-to-measure storage or you find the perfect storage boxes to fit the space you have, you can introduce storage in a number of different ways and often find furniture pieces that double up as a storage unit too.

Use the Walls

When styling a smaller, compact living space it’s important to utilise the wall space to help free up some much-needed floor space. One of the best ways to make the most of the walls is to introduce shelving, as this is a great way to store certain items and bring some character to the area. Similarly, you can use the walls to display artwork, which is ideal for bringing life to your living space. Artwork is a great way to express your personality and style, enhancing the overall aesthetic and bringing warmth to the room.

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