9 Tips for Organising a Children’s Party

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Thinking of organising a children’s party – here are the things you need to know before doing so.

The Date

When choosing a date for the party, you need to be careful so that it doesn’t coincide with other events such as a friend’s party, holiday, school function, half term, a major sporting event, etc. You also need to keep in mind that our children entertainers are constantly in high demand, so consider booking them early. The last thing you want is to set up a party only for very few guests to show up.

The Venue & Entertainer

It is always smart to book your preferred venue and children’s entertainers ahead of time as they are often booked in advance.


The 10.30 am – 12.30 pm complete party package is the most sought-after package deal for kids aged below seven years. This is because the children eat at lunchtime and don’t have to worry about waiting until the evening for the party to kick off.

Dietary Requirements

It is crucial that you ask your guests to provide details of any allergies or special dietary requirements that they may have. Remember, we provide free guest info sheets with all bookings.

How Many Children Are Attending?

Depending on the child’s age and size of the venue, most kid’s birthday parties will have about 15 to 30 children in attendance. While it might seem like a good idea to invite their whole class to the party, only consider doing so if you have enough space in your home or are planning on hiring a large venue. It is also important to keep in mind that your child may not get along with everyone in their class, or there may be some notorious class trouble makers who find pleasure in being disruptive. You definitely want to avoid a situation that may end up ruining your child’s birthday party. It is always wise to stick with fond friends and close family members.

What Is The Best Age For Children’s Parties?

Three and above is the most appropriate age to start holding parties attended by guests of the same age. Typically, the children will have already formed a toddler group by this age, and they are close to joining pre-school or a playgroup. In addition, they possess the social skills to enable them to enjoy a party. See here tips for the best gifts for young children.

How Long Should A Birthday Party Be?

On average, children’s birthday parties last for two hours. This is an appropriate length of time for the toddlers:

i) To spend some time away from the parents

ii) To have enough fun, play games, watch magic, and dance around before becoming tired

What Is The Best Venue To Hold The Birthday Party?

Considering that our talented children’s entertainers have performed in all kinds of venues, from bedroom flats to theatres, they will work anywhere, of course, within reason. Generally, when determining the most appropriate venue for your child’s party and the amount of space required, some of the factors that you need to consider include the age of the children, the number of people that will be attending, if it will be a themed party, etc.

Should I Include Party Blowers, Party Poppers and Balloons

This is one of the most crucial pieces of advice that you will need if you want to hold a happy party. DO NOT use Party Blowers or Party Poppers. Not only will party poppers disrupt your peace, but they also pose a safety risk as children will rarely pay attention to the warning of pointing the party popper away from other kid’s eyes and faces. On numerous occasions, children have suffered injuries from receiving an eye full of streamers. So, the smartest thing to do is to avoid noise makers.

On the other hand, balloons are completely fine if they are attached to door frames and walls. One of the most common mistakes made by parents is to scatter the balloons all over the floor. First of all, if there are any overly energetic children at the party, the first thing that will hit their minds is to run straight in and jump on the balloons. While popping the balloons can be very amusing to them, they can become too excited, making it hard for you to settle them down again.

Secondly, the loud bangs may distress shy, timid, or young children anxious about leaving their parents or are afraid of crowds. They may end up clinging to their parents the entire party and won’t want to join in.

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