Stains on the Wall – How to Remove Some Commonly Occurring Stains on the Wall

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A freshly painted wall requires special attention, till the paint completely dries off. If you have children at home, then you must be extra careful with the freshly painted walls, as kids love touching and scratching here and there on the wall.

The best way of maintaining the shine of the wall for longer time duration is by cleaning the wall surface with a microfiber dusting cloth. It will completely remove the dust that is accumulated on the wall. You should follow the procedure at least twice a year to retain the freshness of the wall. However, you cannot restrict the accidental staining of the wall because of many reasons.

If you have a wall in your home covered with some unwanted stains, then it is best to get the wall checked by the professional painters in your locality. You can hire the help from Vibe’s Painting Company, the professionals best known for their malerarbejde Roskilde [English Meaning = painting work in Roskilde]. They can be an excellent choice for helping you with the wall maintenance for longer years.

Maintenance of Walls

There are many ways that can help you with the regular maintenance of the walls in the house and are listed below.

  • Wash with the Water and Vinegar

Mixing water and vinegar for washing the wall is an ideal choice, when it comes to the regular maintenance of the walls. Remember to completely wring the sponge that you are using for washing the wall, so that there is no dripping down of the cleaning solution. Choose soft sponges for excellent results.

  • Removing Food Stains

When you or someone else accidentally spills some food on the wall, it is suggested to take care of it as early as possible. Mix some detergent in the lukewarm water. Scrub the solution on the place where the food is spilled on the wall using some soft sponge. Remember to not scrub more, as it will damage the pain of the wall.

  • Removing Grease or Oil Stains

The best solution for cleaning grease or oil stains is using dish wash liquid. If the stain is dried off, then you can take help from special wall cleaning liquid. Some liquids might damage the wall surface, and hence it is suggested to spray the liquid on a small space, before spraying it on the stain.

  • Flaking and Peeling

If you find some flaking or even peeling of wall paint here and there on the wall, then it suggests serious wall damage in the future. The best solution for such wall damage is wall repainting.

  • Coffee Stain Removal

Coffee stains can be easily removed with the help of some dishwasher liquid. You can use a soft sponge to remove the coffee stain from the wall. However, if the stain is quite old, about a few hours, then the all-purpose cleaner is the best choice.

Stains on the wall are inevitable these days. You or your children might accidentally spill something on the wall, and the best way of rectifying this mistake is by cleaning the surface as early as possible.

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