5 Simple Ways to Naturally Improve Hair Growth

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Your hair works hard for you. Every day, you expose it to elements against its will in shapes and designs it wasn’t naturally meant to fit.

This can be tiring for your hair over time. If you notice your hair feels strained and won’t grow, it’s time to give it some love.

Follow these 5 tricks to improve hair growth in natural hair.

1. Hydrate the Body

Most people think of putting more creams and more oils in their hair to hydrate. But what about your body?

Your hair won’t get the hydration it needs if you aren’t taking care of your body’s hydration needs. Expect brittle, dry hair shafts when you don’t drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

Aim for a gallon if you’re having trouble keeping count of glasses. Keep the water room temperature so it’s absorbed more easily into the body.

2. Carefully Hydrate

Not everyone can stand the saturation of heavy oils and creams in their hair overnight. In fact, you should guard against too much conditioning throughout the week on curly hair.

Too much hydration will cause your hair to break out if it’s not already strong. Build up your hair’s hydration gradually.

Always always always test a product on your hair for a few days before committing to it as an overnight leave in. You can always move forward with growing your hair but you can’t undo severe breakage.

3. Stop Styling Wet

Yes, you get the sleekest looks when your hair is wet. Flyaways disappear and baby hairs slick down against your forehead with ease.

But here’s where the work comes in. You can’t style your hair wet.

Point blank. Get a product system that works well with your dry hair, not your wet hair. It’s going to take time but your hair is worth the effort.

Once you’ve got a good dry style routine, make sure you use the products according to the directions to avoid potential breakage.

4. Break Between Braids

If you’re wearing braids often, you don’t want to risk breakage but not giving your hair a break in between. Consider leaving your natural hair to breathe for at least two weeks in between braiding sessions.

This gives you a chance to treat your scalp and deep condition your hair so you’ll get the maximum benefits from your protective style.

5. Don’t Follow Trends

Much like a shampoo commercial, popular YouTubers are going to have the thickest healthiest heads of hair. You won’t always be able to follow their hair care systems or styles and expect the same results.

Guard against following anyone online who isn’t a trained haircare professional. Personal experience only goes so far and will impact your ability to grow your hair to its maximum possible length.

Be sure to take natural hair vitamins to work your growth from the inside out.

Improve Hair Growth Now

Everyone’s hair grows. The rate at which it grows varies by how well you treat it and your genes.

Avoid measuring your hair growth by what you’ve seen online. If you’re nurturing your hair and body, you’re on track to a healthy head of hair.

For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.

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