Can you invest if you are under 18?

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Knowing how to invest as a teen offers you a great head start for a good monetary future. Early investment has hefty advantages. Teens whose parents inculcate healthy money habits get a good head start in comparison to their peers. If you are a teen planning to invest for your future, then you should commence from the basics and gradually proceed with saving and investment. It is important to take the help of your parents in the start.

Most people don’t think they can invest till they are an adult or above the age of 18. This is true but there are some special accounts offered to minors which can be setup by a parent. These accounts are helpful to serve for your long term goals. One of the most common types of account which fulfills this purpose of parents and teens is a custodial account.

How to set up a custodial account?

Minor accounts UTMA/UGMA are a remarkable idea for those who want to start investing as a kid. You can set the account and commence investing instantly. The money can be used for your further studies or business. The aim of this account is to render educational and fiscal benefits to teens as soon as they are mature. The account is handled by a custodian, who is usually the parent of the teenager. As soon as the kid reaches maturity, they get the account transferred to their name.

You can easily open a custodial account with a reliable and reputed broker like Loved. The online portal gives you the luxury to invest for your child and manage their account. It is also a platform to educate your kids about how to invest under 18 and make a portfolio and manage their stocks, in their behalf. The parents get to make the final decision till the child reaches maturity.

As soon as the kid reaches maturity, the ownership is transferred fully to the child and parents have no control over the account. The kid can use the money for his/her intended purpose.

Stock Market Investment

Stock investment is the best investment options for teenagers. They are simple to begin with, and also less volatile. Hence, the losses aren’t exponential. It is also said that stocks are safe for long term investments. It is suggested that you invest in safe and reliable stocks like Apple, Amazon, Disney and Coca Cola.

Parents should sit with their teenage kids and review the particular stocks together. It prevents the teen from going for wrong trading orders. If you want to start gaining knowledge about stocks investment right from your teenage, then familiarize with the products and services of that company. It will help you in establishing a connection with their stock and understanding how investment works.

By the time you reach 18, you will get a pro in stock trading. Loved is a reliable broker to invest without any issues for beginner investors. Start your investment schooling today under the guardianship of your parents.

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