“It took 5 years for me to become the overnight success”, says German entrepreneur Sven Baserbaschi

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While overnight success is an easy term for many, Sven Baserbaschi calls it as a series of failures and debts. His journey as an entrepreneur is a roller-coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. Born on December 15, 1979, in Berlin, Germany, Sven was raised by his single mother and is the only child. After studies, he joined the military in 1999 and got trained as a tank driver in the German Army. His stint as a tank driver did not last as he was not passionate about the work. After years of figuring out, in 2003, Sven wanted to become a cook. He got trained for it and completed his apprenticeship in 2006. “When my formal training got completed, I went to Dubai to build ties in the food industry. It did not happen after which I returned to Germany”, said Sven.

The entrepreneur revealed that he had no solution to the situation but just wait for good things to happen. In the year 2008, he got married and that’s when he was piled up with a lot of responsibilities. To start a business of his own, Sven opened a cafe of his own. By taking a loan from his mother, he was hopeful that the business will change his fortunes. His venture went down in the dust and the businessman incurred severe losses. “That’s when I understood there is nothing called as the overnight success. It is all about working smartly day and night before success happens to you”, quoted Sven. Later, he took up the certificate of competence which let him work in the security company. When his internship got completed, he got an offer to work as an employee or a subcontractor.

After understanding about the company’s functioning, Sven built his security firm in 2011 on the occasion of Women’s Day. The company went on to become his most successful venture. Initially, his company did not have any employees. “I enjoyed the process of working and put in 15 hours every day. The first payment I received for my firm was 1700 euros. Things gradually picked up and I could clear my debts then”, he stated. The company then got expanded and built its network by hiring more employees. The following years turned out to be profitable for his company and in 2014, the security firm received a big order for fire protection in Berlin’s well-known mall.

This single contract changed the life of Sven and the turnover of his company increased by a million euros. “It took 5 years for me to become the overnight success. I am grateful to all the high and lows that I witnessed in my life. Not only I have grown personally but even professionally”, added Baserbaschi. After the successful run of his company, the entrepreneur in September 2019 started a recording label along with his friend. Within 6 months, they built a studio and started with the work. Getting songwriter, a producer and an artist on board, the first song under their label was released on July 24, 2020. They have a lot of interesting tracks in the pipeline. Apart from music, Sven Baserbaschi will expand his horizon in various other industries and his story from scratch is truly inspiring for the new-age generation.

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