8 Ways to Improve On Your Acting Skills From Home

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Making it big in the acting world can be extremely tough, and as a result, you need to be constantly improving in order to separate yourself from others. While there are plenty of dress rehearsals and practices for you to improve with others, if you really want to be successful you’ll also have to improve on your own. So how can you become a better actor or actress while you’re all alone and no one’s around? Here are eight ways to improve your acting skills from home.


One of the simplest ways to improve in acting while at home is to simply rehearse your current lines. If you’re currently in a production, then you need to know your lines by heart. As a result, you should be constantly reading over your lines and rehearsing them. Even if you’re already off-script, it can be beneficial to continue re-reading your script just to ensure that there are no errors. You need to know the script like the back of your hand, and in order to do that, you need to practice and rehearse your lines often.

Improve With a Mirror

A great way to improve your acting is to use a mirror and try to do some improvisation. Give yourself an emotion or scene to act out, and use a mirror to judge your performance. What did you like about your performance? Is there anything you’d like to change? Obviously, this won’t be as effective as acting with other people and getting their feedback, but it still can be a great way for you to discover any flaws or weaknesses in your acting skills.

Learn a New Acting Skill

Acting is something that is best paired with other skills. Many acting roles require the ability to sing and dance in order to properly perform in them. As a result, one must possess these skills if they want a leading role in some plays. If you don’t have the ability to sing and dance, your choice of roles will be much more limited and you will likely be relegated to smaller roles. Due to this, working on complementary skills while on your own can be a great way to improve your overall skill as an actor and open new roles to you. Developing or improving a complementary skill on your own can launch you into a new tier of viability as an actor, opening up a world of new opportunities for you.

Read Acting Books

Acting and theater have been around for a long time, and as such it has a long and storied history. There have been thousands of famous and talented actors throughout the ages, and some have written their thoughts and opinions on the art down in books. While acting is something that constantly evolves, there are some staple tips and tricks that you could learn from reading these books. Reading books on acting could open your mind to new possibilities and methods of acting, greatly improving your overall skill as an actor.

Study Famous Actors and Actresses

Sometimes simply watching your favorite movies and plays from home can be an effective way to improve as an actor or actress. Simply sit down and study famous performances and look for key aspects from their acting. What made their performance so successful? What went right with their performance? How can you emulate elements of their performance in your own acting? You might not think that simply watching other performers would improve your acting skills, but you can actually pick up a lot that will greatly improve your acting skill.

Watch Acting Videos

If reading acting books isn’t up your alley, then thankfully there are alternatives for learning from the thoughts of other people in the acting world. Many actors and actresses create acting videos on platforms such as YouTube. For example, a Las Vegas actress may post a video depicting how she prepares for a show or conveys certain acting methods. Watching videos like these can be extremely helpful in improving as an actor or actress, as they provide valuable insight into the world of acting in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Work on Your Voice

While acting, your voice and pitch are extremely important.  You want the audience to hear what you’re saying clearly and be able to understand the emotion that you’re trying to convey. In addition, you want your voice to be convincing when acting out various accents and dialects. Yes, body language is extremely important in acting, but voice is arguably just as important. As a result, simply working on your voice on your own can be a huge boost to your acting skills. Working on your voice can include anything from strengthening it through vocal exercises, learning new accents, or improving your ability to convey emotions through vocal cues alone. Work on your voice a lot, and you’ll see massive improvements in your acting skills.

Get In Shape

Many people don’t realize how much physical fitness is required in order to be a successful actor or actress. Roles may require stunts, or require you to lift heavy objects or other cast members. Not to mention how musicals will require long dance numbers and force you to sing for long periods of time without running out of breath. All of this requires you to have good physical and aerobic fitness, and if you can’t complete these tasks then roles will go to other people. As a result, if you’re alone and want to improve your acting, getting in shape with cardio exercises and weightlifting can be a great way to improve the prospects of your acting career.

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