5 Tips To Make Your Car Winter-Ready

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Like your house, your car needs to be ready to face the snowy and freezing temperatures of the winter season.

In this article, we’ve put forth practical steps to winterize your vehicle for a smooth drive every day or get the best offer for your car over a car selling website if you’re planning to sell it online in near future.

So, let’s check out:-

Check the Antifreeze

First things first, check the antifreeze and ensure that it is at its optimum level. If it is running below the standard level, then there is a risk that the water in the engine may get freezed, causing car starting problems.

Your trustworthy mechanic can help you to maintain a proper mix of antifreeze to protect your engine throughout the winter.

Inspect the Tires

Before you hit the road for a long drive on a gloomy winter day, it is imperative to inspect the tires thoroughly. If the tires are worn out, then they won’t be able to have firm grip on the road, and there are chances of a car slide.

Check the tires for the tread wear bars, if they are showing, then it’s time to replace your tires. Doing so will help you sell your car fast at a satisfactory price. Another thing you get to follow when it comes to tires is that they are not over-inflated.

Why? Because, in winter as the temperatures start to dip, the tires being made from a number of rubber compounds lose their flexibility and become hard and rigid, which could lead to risky situations on the road.

Tires with too much air tend to slide more than gripping during winter. So, keep your tires below the suggested inflation pressure for a safe and smooth ride always.

Windshield Wipers

Windshields wipers are like a life savior, when it is pouring down and you are driving. Ensure that the wipers are in tip-top shape. Over time, the wipers tend to wear out, so it is advisable to get them replaced regularly, especially before the winter hits.

You don’t have to visit a local garage to get it replaced; you can easily do it yourself. As a good practice, first, clean the windshield, and then run the wipers.

Check on Your Battery

It is a no-brainer to inspect your car battery’s condition before the temperature starts to touch the zero mark. The last thing you want is a bad battery in the middle of a highway on a chilly winter night. Make sure that connections are corroded, and the water levels are maintained.

The average lifespan of a car battery is four years, and if your vehicle is approaching the expiry date, then it’s worth getting it inspected by a mechanic, to be on the safe side. If you are planning to sell your car, then also replacing your car battery is a value for money investment.

Check your Braking System

The middle of a winter storm isn’t the best of times to discover that your brakes are not working. Get your brakes inspected by a professional early in the season, and get it fixed or replaced(whatever necessary).

Change the Oil

Start the winter with fresh engine oil and change it at recommended intervals for your car. If you reside in a geographic area where the winters are severe, it is best to opt for winter weight oil as it helps the engine to run smoothly and stay clear of rough starts.


Apart from the above, it is best to keep a winter driving emergency kit as there are numerous potential risks on the road during the chilly winter months.

Typically, such kits include windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, ice scraper, traction mats, booster cables, and several other tools that you may need for your winter driving.

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