The Different Types of Cannabis Strains You Can Grow in Your Garden

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Growing cannabis may seem attractive but it’s farming at the end of the day. That means, like every crop, it comes with a lot of challenges and uncertainties.

If you’re growing cannabis indoors, you must use the right water balance and find the best soil. Outdoor growing needs the plant to survive the weather and pests.

Usually, the cannabis strains that are used can affect the plant’s ability to thrive amid challenges. Choosing the best ones can make a massive difference in the plant’s health. If you’re looking to grow some green in your garden, try out these strains.

Blue Dream

Blue dream originates from California, and it’s one of the top-selling cannabis strains. At THC levels ranging up to 24%, the strain ranks as one of the most relaxing.

Besides being popular, the blue dream is also one of the easy cannabis strains to grow. If you’re a beginner, you’ll love this strain’s ability to resist pests and fungus.

It’s a quick grower that blooms into huge gains to produce high yields and top-shelf quality buds. Usually, it can take around 70 days to flower. But if you’re planting it indoors, you may have an issue with its height.

Northern Lights

Even with basic knowledge in marijuana strains, you may have heard about northern lights. Most of the many best cannabis strains in the market today originate from this breed. It’s famous for its weaker odor, which makes it a favorite for private tending.

Northern lights’ users may proclaim a profound and friendly high. It has a THC level of 18%, which can be useful for medicinal weed. It’s also sturdy, potent and can produce high yields within nine weeks.

Experts classify northern lights as one of the easy cannabis strains to grow. Seasoned growers usually prefer an Indica/Sativa hybrid. That way, the strain can be more resistant to pests and have higher-yielding chances.

Blue Cheese

The blue cheese is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. It’s also friendly to beginners because of its resistance to fungus and pests. Unlike most pot strains, this one thrives under colder climates making it more comfortable to train when growing indoors.

Blue cheese is also a potent strain bred from a mix of Blueberry and UK Cheese. It has a THC content of 20% and CBD levels of 2%. Also because of its potency and delicious aroma, it has become a favorite for pain and anxiety patients.

Grow blue cheese in areas not exposed to a lot of heat or harsh weather. Usually, the strains thrive in areas with gentle breezes. If you’re using a grow cabinet, you won’t struggle to train the plant indoors. You may also enjoy a healthier plant and yields can be significantly higher.

Green Crack

Green crack is a Sativa-strong variety and has one of the most invigorating effects. As a result, it’s famous for daytime use and ideal for fighting depression, stress, and fatigue. More people take it to boost energy levels and spark some creativity during the day.

Green crack can grow very fast and ranks among the easy cannabis strains to grow. Plant the pure Indica component if you’re growing the Green crack indoors. This one grows to a medium height and it’s easier to grow version.

It would help if you planted the strain outdoors where the roots can have enough healthy soil to develop. This cannabis strain can also grow best in warm Mediterranean climates.

Easy Bud

Easy bud is popular as relaxing and unwinding marijuana. It’s great for moments of deep meditation and seeking serenity. Whether you’re tired after a long grueling day or want to unwind, easy bud is an excellent remedy.

Few best cannabis strains match the ease of growing the ease bud. It’s a combination of the robust rudelis and the potent white Indica. This mix makes it highly hardy and resilient. And its short stature makes it adaptable to entire growing conditions.

An easy bud can grow up to only 50-60 centimeters. If you’re looking for manageable marijuana strains, then this is among the best. After nine weeks of planting it, the crop can yield up to 80g/ plant indoors or 325/plant outdoors.


A crossbreed of Cinderella 99 and vortex, Cinex is a top cannabis strain. This strain is famous for its pain alleviation ability and knack for boosting focus. It has become ubiquitous in the medicinal marijuana sphere. And its fruity citrus aroma can appeal to most people.

Cinex can grow both outdoors and indoors. But you’re likely to get the best yields using hydroponics or greenhouses. It classifies under the easy cannabis strains to grow because of its versatility. Within 7-9 weeks, the crops can start flowering, and yields can be high.

Grow in colder temperatures when growing outdoors. Maintain temperatures between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Feed with enough nitrogen before flowering for healthier and more robust plants.

Royal Gorilla

At 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, Royal gorilla is one of the most potent pot strains. It’s also the European edition of the award-winning Gorilla glue. It can launch a spectacular high and a powerful euphoria customary with the best cannabis strains.

At 25% THC, the royal gorilla has immense medicinal potential and is an excellent remedy for chronic pain. It’s also a powerful blend of the classic chocolate diesel, chem’s sister, and the sour dubb. This may be the most suitable cannabis strain if you’re looking for a super high.

When it comes to cultivating, the royal gorilla is an extraordinary performer. The plants can grow well indoors and outdoors, and perform best in a warm, dry climate.

Mature plants are moderately tall and sprawl fast, forming many secondary shoots. For higher yields, prune and train the plant early on. A healthy royal gorilla is ready for harvesting within nine weeks of bloom.

Best Cannabis Strains to Grow

With the many types of cannabis strains in the market, you need to choose the best ones for higher yields. Top-quality marijuana strains can resist growing challenges and are more comfortable to grow.

For starting growers, finding the right strains can be a challenge. But this article provides you a list of the best cannabis strains to grow. For more tips and discussions, check out our blog.

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