Which OTC Medicines Can Help You Stop Drinking?

Going through alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be a very uncomfortable and even painful experience. Luckily, there are some over the counter medications that can ease some of these withdrawal symptoms. This way you can push through your addiction treatment and recovery. Here are some over the counter medications that can help you stop drinking.

1. Multivitamins

When you are new to sober living, you might still be low on some essential vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins. Taking a multivitamin can help you restore balance within your body and improve your overall sense of well being and mood. Eating a well balanced diet can give you similar results as well.

2. L-glutamine

This is an amino acid that is made by the body, but alcoholism can damage the way that it is created and processed. Taking this supplement has a similar effect as taking a multivitamin. It has been shown to restore balance within the body and improve overall mood.

3. Kudzu

This is an extract of Chinese origin, and studies have suggested that taking this can reduce the intensity of alcohol addiction cravings during drug rehab. However, it is suggested that you use this remedy with caution because it is not highly regulated by the FDA.

4. Imodium A-D

This is an over the counter medication that helps improve symptoms of diarrhea, which is a common alcohol withdrawal symptom. It is important to note though that Imodium can interact with alcohol and other types of drugs, so it is important to check these before consuming this product.

5. OTC Sleep Aids

“Insomnia is possibly one of the most common withdrawal symptoms when it comes to detoxing from over-the-counter sleeping pills”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Briarwood Detox Center. Over the counter sleep medications can help with relieving this, however; and they are all generally safe to use. Like with any other medicine though, it is important that you check for drug interactions. It can be dangerous to mix sleep aids with alcohol as well, even if it is an over the counter medicine.

6. OTC Pain Relievers

You might also experience some pain during an alcohol detox such as headaches. It is safe to take over the counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen and Tylenol to relieve this symptom as long as you do not mix them with alcohol.

7. Hydrating with Drinks Containing Electrolytes

It is important to stay hydrated during an alcohol detox because it can improve body function and reduce the withdrawal symptom of nausea while reducing the chances of becoming dehydrated. Drinking beverages with electrolytes can help the body hydrate while also consuming some essential minerals.


There are several types of over the counter medications that can help you get through alcohol withdrawals. Things as simple as taking a multivitamin, L-glutamine supplements, and hydrating with drinks that contain electrolytes can improve your experience and reduce withdrawal symptom intensity. In addition, Kudzu extract has been suggested to reduce alcohol addiction cravings. Drugs like over the counter sleep aids, pain relievers, and Imodium A-D can help with reducing specific alcohol withdrawal symptoms as well. It is important to note that any medication can interact with other drugs, including alcohol. Therefore, it is crucial that you check to make sure that you are risk free before taking any of the above over the counter drugs on this list.


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