7 Documents to Have When Meeting with Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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8 percent of U.S. households had at least one bike in the year 2018. If you’ve noticed a surge in the number of motorcycles tucked inside garages in the neighborhoods, then you know the love affair with bikes in the air. Indeed, the biking culture in the United States is picking up at a rapid speed.

With an increase in the number of riders, a concern related to road safety is surfacing. Today, American motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to die in a traffic crash than people in passenger cars. As a biker, a meeting with motorcycle accident lawyers should be the first thing you focus on after recovering from a motorcycle accident.

Adequate documentation to support your evidence is crucial for you to stand a realistic chance of compensation. So, what documents must you have when meeting motorcycle accident attorneys? Here’re the seven documents you can present to your legal team.

1. A Copy of Police Report

A copy of the police report is among the most important documents when meeting motorcycle accident lawyers. Police officers must come to the scene of an accident to prepare an official statement following an accident. The officer’s opinion on the actual cause of the accident matters.

The report includes diagrams showing the position of other pedestrians and motor vehicles during the accident. Such a statement also comprises the officers’ views on the possible violation of traffic rules by the parties involved. Presenting the officers’ report gives the motorcycle accident lawyers a foundation on which to build your case.

It would also help to follow the matter up with other private investigators. Any additional information through the discovery process would be critical in ensuring that you win the case. Before meeting up with your legal team, it’s important to have this police report in your hands.

2. Any Additional Information Obtained at the Scene

Your probability of winning a motorcycle-related accident depends on the presentation of real evidence. You should focus on documenting any information obtained at the scene of the accident. Such information is vital when meeting motorcycle accident lawyers.

The name of the driver(s) and their personal contact information should be part of this information. You should also include the license numbers of the drivers and their insurance information. Keeping a record of the car models and number plate information should also help sway the case in your favor.

Your motorcycle accident legal team will find this information useful when pushing your case. The details might capture something that the police report failed to include in the initial report. You should then present such additional information to our team of motorcycle accident lawyers in this location.

3. Your Insurance Policy

Your insurance policy determines the extent of coverage in case of a motorcycle accident. The insurance policy document provides additional information on the expiry date and scope of the contract. An insurance policy document covers the full names of the life insurance company provider.

With this document, your lawyers can also trace the provider’s city and state. Such details can help to commence initial conversations on compensation. It’s helpful to have your insurance policy on hand when meeting your legal team, given that’s the only official indicator that you had any contractual terms with the insurer.

4. Evidence of Premium Payments

Your motorcycle insurance company should furnish you with periodic statements of billing. You will need proof that you have been up-to-date with your payments. You must keep every document that can show an ongoing contractual agreement.

Canceled checks, receipts, and any other documents that support your recurrent payment of premiums should count as evidence. The evidence of premium payments helps show that the policy is in place and effective.

5. Photos and Videos

Every evidence that can vindicate you when an accident happens is crucial. By 2018, the number of smartphone ownership in the United States was 8 in every 10 Americans. The best thing about smartphones is their inbuilt cameras that allow for instant photos and videos.

In case of an accident, photos or videos of the scene can help you win the case. Whether you took the pictures or someone else did, it’s imperative that you hand them over to your attorneys. Most times, photographs are indisputable considering their credibility.

6. Medical Records

The potential of injury in the case of a motorcycle accident is often high. It’s vital to have every medical record related to the treatment process with you when meeting your motorcycle accident lawyers. Such records show the extent of physical injuries and the costs incurred in seeking medical care.

It would be best if you also furnished your motorcycle accident lawyers with information on the doctor’s advice regarding bed rest. Such information helps show how long it might take before your resumption to gainful employment. The details might guide the scope or compensation in lieu of lost income.

7. Statements From Witnesses

Your motorcycle accident lawyers often ask about additional supporting information, such as statements from witnesses. Such evidence must not premise on inadmissible and irrelevant opinion. The witness should provide factual details regarding the events leading up to the accident.

It would help follow up with the police or other private investigators on any additional witness statements regarding the accident. This documentation will help guide the motorcycle accident lawyers in their quest for compensation.

Witnesses often have firsthand information on the practical details of an accident. Sourcing for such witness related documentation is crucial before meeting motorcycle accident lawyers.

Talk to Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Today

Bikers in almost all American roads are under a constant threat of potential accidents. While some of these accidents are fatal, most lead to physical injuries. It’s essential to get your life back as soon as possible in case of such an accident.

Your motorcycle accident lawyers can help you with the processes of claiming for compensation. It would help schedule an urgent meeting with your legal team as soon as you’re in the right state of mind. These seven documents should be available for the motorcycle accident lawyer’s perusal during the meeting.

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