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There are lots of toys you can get for your kids. Some are cool while others might not be so cool. If you are looking to get a cool toy for your kid, one toy you should consider getting is an RC motorcycle. RC dirt bikes are a lot of fun to play with. However, beyond the fun, they help with your child’s creativity.

There are lots of remote-control dirt bikes in stores. You, therefore, might struggle to get the right one. If you have been buying this product for some years, chances are you know the right one for your kid. On the other hand, if you are new to buying a remote control dirt bike, you will need a lot of research to avoid buying the wrong one.

That said, below are tips to help you get the right RC toy for your kid.


Remote control dirt bikes cannot run in the absence of a battery. These bikes are compatible with various batteries. However, the most popular batteries that remote control dirt bikes use are Lithium-Ion Polymer and Nickel-Metal Hydride.

Before going ahead to pay for a remote control dirt bike, you must take a look at the battery that comes in its kit. The right battery should be able to keep power for a long time.  You should also consider if the battery is disposable or rechargeable.

The battery might not seem so important. It, however, is a lot more important than it seems. This is because no one wants a bike with a battery that dies while fun is at its peak. Although there are lots of things you should look out for when buying a battery, one thing you must not miss is buying a battery that can be recharged.

Consider Aesthetics

Kids are a lot different from adults. While certain adults might be only interested in the function of a dirt bike, kids are very much interested in aesthetics. Children love colors. You, therefore, must consider this when getting them an RC dirt bike.

If your kid wants a red remote control dirt bike, you might leave the kid unsatisfied if you come home with an RC toy that is not red.

You do not need to worry about the color a kid asks for as the manufacturers of RC dirt bikes make them in lots of colors. In addition to color, always have a design in mind. Kids will generally appreciate sleek designs.


Remote control dirt bikes come in various sizes, have different complexities, and are targeted at different age groups. You, therefore, will have to put age into consideration when selecting a remote control dirt bike.

Remote control dirt bikes come in different age ranges. The age range a particular bike is targeted at will give you an idea of how complex using the bike will be. More complex dirt bikes are targeted at older people. Going by this, if you must buy a dirt bike that your kids will appreciate and understand perfectly, you must buy one that is within their age range.

Consider the Difficulty of Use

Dirt bikes that are remote –controlled are known to come with various difficulty levels. These different difficulty levels are targeted at kids of various age groups. All things being equal, the average kid will be unable to use a remote control dirt bike that was designed for a higher age grade.

While certain kids can handle RC dirt bikes of various difficulty levels, if your kid is not used to the concept of remote control dirt bikes, you might need to get one designed for amateurs. This is important as they need to learn some basic controls before moving to something that is more difficult.

If you have a kid that already fully understands the concept of RC toys, an advanced toy will be a good alternative. This is because they might not enjoy using the bike if it seems too simple.


Remote control dirt bikes come in different sizes. This is great as different kids are comfortable with different bike sizes. Some kids are more comfortable with big RC dirt bikes that come with a lot of power while some simply want small dirt bikes that are very easy to control

Big and small RC toys come with different advantages. If you have limited space, you might not be able to get the best out of big RC toys. You, therefore, will need to get a small RC dirt bike. On the other hand, if your space is huge, a big RC dirt bike will be very beneficial.

Older kids can move around with big RC dirt bikes. If, however, you are getting one for a toddler, ensure you get one that can be moved around easily and is not difficult to use. As the toddler grows older, you can get a bigger RC toy.

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