Steps to Remember When Moving

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For most people, the opportunity to move somewhere for work or further studies is considered a blessing.  Not everyone is given such a chance.

But the process of actually moving is not something people look forward to as there are many things to consider. The following are some things to think about before moving.

1. Research where you will live

Similar to vacation preparations, it pays to research before going anywhere. This is undoubtedly true if you are moving to a new location.  If it’s a different region or country, check on the local customs.  For the younger family members, look into the recreational options as these will come in handy when breaking the news of the move to them.

2. Inform the family gently but firmly

For adults, leaving behind friends and family is hard.  But most adults can see the bigger picture which allows them to accept the need to move.  Besides, with the technology we have today, keeping in touch with loved ones is not such a problem. Nowadays, so much can be done remotely, for example, you can even buy speech online.

However, for the younger members, moving away can be very hard. This is why before making the final decision to move, it is wise to start introducing the idea of going somewhere new.  Inform them of the great things they will experience so that they may become motivated to leave.

But if they still resist, explain the consequences of not moving.  It may take time and a lot of tears, but hopefully, they will understand if you explain things in the right way.

3. Take stock of the things you don’t need anymore

Oftentimes, it is when people move house that they realize they have a lot of junk. Make an inventory, per room, of things you don’t need, and then find someone to give them to.  If you have time, you can even hold a garage sale to offset moving expenses.

4. If you can’t do it yourself, find a tried-and-tested mover

If you are just moving to the other side of town, you and your friends can move everything.  But if you are crossing city or country borders, you will need the help of a professional mover.

Check the reviews of available movers to ensure your things will be packed and transported properly.  Make sure as well that everything fits in your budget.  And find time to personally watch the movers pack so you can give last-minute instructions for very important items.

5. Organize everything room by room

Before the movers (or your friends) arrive, organize your rooms already so that it is easier to pack.  This means placing clothing in plastic bags and separating breakables from non-breakables.

You may think it is the mover’s job, but you’ll find that it is better to already do this to ensure fragile objects stay safe. You will also be assured that related items (like kitchenware) are all kept together, rather than in separate boxes.


Moving to a new place is an exciting journey, especially if things are done right.  So consider these tips to ensure a smooth move to your new location.

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