Reasons and Warning Signs of Blocked Drains

A number of houses face the issue of blocked drains. It could become a costly affair for you with regards to money and time. However, EPPH Drainage is here to offer blocked drains Ipswich services. They offer the best tactics which helps in dealing with the major reasons for blocked drains. But first you should know about the causes which lead to blocked drains:

Foreign objects: Foreign things like toys of your children, diapers or soap may sometimes enter toilet and clutter thereby hindering its usual flow. If these foreign objects consistently enter your toilet, then they may lead to serious drainage problems. So, make sure you are careful with what you are flushing.

Usual toiletries: Toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes are often the major reasons for blocked drains. You use excess of all these items in your day to day life. While toilet paper can be flushed down, but when dumped in large quantity, it may cause blockage. Diapers are worse in this aspect. As they retain water, they grow excessively in size and hence become a big problem.

Grease and fat: Though common, but quite simple to prevent. You almost daily wash your utensils in the sink. Very often fatty compounds are likely to stick to your drainage pipes causing slow clogging the drains. However, if you are careful here, then you can prevent such blockage.

Hair: While taking shower, you have bunch of hair falling down. The frequent hair buildup in the plug may cause accumulation and obstruction. Hence, you should check for hair accumulation around the plug hole and throw them in the bin to prevent blockage of drains.

Blocked drains are a common problem and you can rarely control them. However, you should pay attention to the warning signs of a blocked drain. With time your blocked drain problem can worsen. Your drain may suffer severe damage and often overflow. Hence, it is important to take instant steps to fix the issue before it turns into a crisis. There are some warning signs to look for. Once you identify the signs, you should call in the professionals:

1. Poor smell

It is one of the signs you get for blocked drains. However, the smell will not be at its worst but surely an unpleasant one is a revealing sign of drain blockage, with little food and organic matter stuck in the drainage pipes commencing to decompose. Constant water running may worsen the smell as it enhances the bacterial growth.

2. The drainage of water get slower

Another major warning sign of clogged drain is the water flow in the toilet, sink or shower gets slower. And if the drain is almost blocked, then the water will not drain at all. If the water is draining really slowly from these points, then it is a sign that you have drain blockage. However, if it is just one of the places, then first get the fixture checked.

3. Some kind of gurgling sound

Another problem that you may experience at the time of blocked drains is a gurgling sound. It usually takes place while running the water or flushing. It happens because of the air trapped in the drain pipes which are being pushed while flushing the toilet or running the water. It proves to be a sign of a blockage along with the other signals.

Steps that you should take:

There are several remedies which you can go for to fix the issue before you seek professional assistance.


In case only one of the fixtures is blocked, then you can get it fixed easily. Often showers and sinks are commonly blocked because of clogged hair and collection of food items. If this is the case with you, then fill the plunger with water and push and pull quickly for around 30 seconds.

If the water commences to drain slowly then plunge more. Once the water starts draining fast, the blockage is fixed. If there is no change in the condition, then put some baking soda in the plug hole along with a glass of apple cider vinegar.

Dealing with the outside drains

If all the fixtures of your home are blocked, then the problem lies with the drainage system outside. It is suggested that you should seek immediate professional help. However, if you just want to look into the situation, then wear the suitable protective gear such as gloves and mask and then check the drainage rods.

Step 1:

First and foremost, you should remove the cover of the drain with the help of a screwdriver or handle, whatever is there. If it still doesn’t move, tie a rope around the handle and pull it hard. The rope will provide you the leverage you need.

Step 2:

Now look inside the drain. If you notice water in the drain chamber it means blockage is after the chamber. But if the chamber is empty, then blockage has taken place somewhere else.  You should find the chamber where blockage has occurred.

Step 3:

Make sure you wear gloves at this point because you have to hold the drain rods and find out the blockage. If you feel any blockage, then just push the rod and rotate it in a clockwise direction. It will break the clogging and remove all the debris, grime and grease.

Step 4:

Run water through it to see if the blocking is completely removed or not.

Though it may sound simple, but unfortunately it is tough job to unblock drains. Often people are unable to open the hole or find out where the blockage has occurred. You may have to need professional drainage clearance help. is your one stop solution to get any kind of professional help in Ipswich. All you need to do get is get in touch with a professional and they will send a local engineer instantly. Once the engineers visit, they will analyze the blockage, its reason and then find a suitable measure to get the blocked drains Ipswich cleared in the shortest time period.


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