Heading West: 5 Important Tips for Moving to California

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When you’re ready to pack up and move to sunny California, you most likely wish you could push a button and be there. Unfortunately, technology isn’t that advanced yet.

With some skillful planning and a bit of information, this move to the Golden State doesn’t have to be too cumbersome.

So what should know about moving to California? Use the following tips to hit the ground running.

1. Know Exactly What Area You’re Moving To 

California is a huge state, so you’ll have a completely different experience depending on which area you’re moving to.

Buying homes for sale in Pacific Beach is much different from buying a house in the Inland Empire. Even though they’re both in Southern California, Los Angeles living differs greatly from living in San Diego or Oceanside.

Residents of the Bay Area or Northern California live a different life from Southern Californians or residents in more rural, spread out areas.

Do your research into your new home to know exactly where you’re going to be living.

2. Big Changes Happen Every Year on the Ballot

Civic participation is important in California, and residents often affect direct change.

For instance, the state made taxable recreational cannabis legal by voting for Proposition 64 in 2016. Several other propositions get passed each year, such as a measure to raise the tobacco smoking age to 21 or to set aside tax money for education.

You’ll need to take the time to do your research every time something is added to the ballot.

3. Get Your Moving Costs and Services Together

It’s easier to address your move when you have a clear picture of the work that needs to be done. Take inventory of everything that’s moving with you and the number of miles you’ll be traveling for the move.

When you know the work that’s involved, it’s easier to pick and choose between what you want to do for yourself, and what you’ll outsource to professional movers. Start getting some price estimates for this work to help with your decisions.

4. The Weather is Beautiful and Nature Opportunities are Prevalent

Nature and scenery don’t get better than what you’ll experience in California. The weather is generally sunny year-round and it rarely rains.

You’ll have no shortage of outings if you love nature. You’ll enjoy trips to Griffith Observatory, Big Bear National Park, the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, the Redwood National Forest, and the Napa vineyards.

5. Remember to Switch Over Your License and Other Info

Take care of the logistical issues to help you become a California resident. Put in an application for your new license as quickly as possible, and switch over your vehicle registration.

Make sure to register to vote, establish utilities, and handle any other such issues.

Put Together a Checklist When Moving to California

If you’re moving to California, you’ll absolutely want to consider the information above. Let these tips help you so that your Cali move is seamless.

Use us as a resource whenever you want to learn more about real estate, homeownership and so much more.

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