Say goodbye to toxic tap water with alkaline bottled water

The pH level of water is as important as any other property. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 setting 7 as neutral, lower than 7 consider as acidic, and higher than 7 is considered as alkaline. If the pH level is too high or too low it can kill marine life. The suitable pH ranges from 6.9 to 9 for aquatic animals. For humans, it can range from 7 to 8.8, which indicates alkaline property consumable. The human blood is more on the basic side with a pH of 7.3, which indicates the acceptance towards alkaline water. The acidic side is quite harmful to the body. Water having a pH of less than 7 cannot be consumed. It is contaminated with deadly chemicals with a sour taste, making it unsafe to drink. It can carry corrode which is dissolved metal and can highly affect our body organs especially the stomach. However the higher pH does not pose any life risks, even alkaline water up to a pH of 8.5 is highly recommended by the health professionals. It neutralizes the acidic properties of the body and keeps it neutral. The pH of the body is as important as any other health concern.

Why the pH level of water is important?

The acidic-base or pH level of the body refers to the level of acidic or basic properties own by blood. The human body is built to naturally maintain a neutral balance. The key role is played by lungs and kidneys. To maintain homeostasis and keep body normal, blood needs to maintain its pH. The body enzymes are very sensitive to pH level, a slight acidic change can affect them adversely and impair their functioning, and similarly, all the organs require specific pH level of the fluids provided by blood. Though, the body needs to maintain its pH. Water affects the pH level of the body directly, which means acidic properties can influence quite badly. However, a slight basic or alkaline property is recommended as the pH level of blood is slightly basic. Not only consumable it can neutralize the acidic body pH and keep it normal. The alkaline water has beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium which keeps our teeth and bones strong whereas acidic properties can damage bones. It boosts immunity by helping the immune system to neutralize the acidity in your body which is caused by stress, toxins, acidic water, and even environmental toxins. So, if you have not tried alkaline water yet, and you are facing acidity problems then get it today. Click on this site to acquire more information on the best alkaline water.

Harvest and collection of the alkaline rainwater

Lacking the ability to collect and store beneficial rain before hitting the ground? Bottled Water Company is here to solve this problem. Rain is harvested and collected by professional means without touching the ground. This alkaline rain is then going through different filtration processes to ensure its purity and taste. It must be stored in aluminum bottles or containers. The plastic bottles are not recommended by both environmentalists and health professionals. So, go for aluminum bottles, which store the purity, clarity, taste, and health of the alkaline rainwater. After the storing process, it is now being delivered to the valuable customers at their door-steps. These bottles are not one time use, they can be reused and assist in different settings. Try alkaline bottled water today, the true health lovers acknowledge the value of nature’s drink, be one of them and take care of your health.


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