4 Natural Remedies for Seizures That Are Worth Trying

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Did you know that seizures impact an estimated one percent of Americans at some point? While many seizures happen due to epilepsy, other causes can include infections, brain injuries, or issues with blood levels.

Doctors often use anti-seizure medications, surgery, or different types of stimulation to treat the problem. However, you can find several natural remedies for seizures that can complement your medical treatment.

Read on for four natural treatment options that may offer you or your loved one some benefits.

1. Consider Your Diet

A natural treatment for epilepsy and other seizure disorders involves simply modifying what you eat. Specifically, you’ll want to aim to eat fewer carbs and less protein through a ketogenic diet.

Some foods you could try include cheese, fish, vegetables, eggs, chicken, and yogurt. The good news is that this kind of diet doesn’t have specific calorie limits you need to follow, so you may find it not as restricting.

2. Try CBD Oil

Have you ever wondered, “Can CBD treat epilepsy?”

The good news is that CBD oil has shown promising evidence in preventing seizures in children and adults with this condition. Using CBD oil often occurs alongside regular anti-seizure medicines to increase effectiveness.

You can take in various ways such as putting a few drops under the tongue, vaping it, or swallowing capsules. If you decide to try this therapy, you’ll want to check this dosage guide so that you know how much CBD oil to use.

3. Take Important Vitamin Supplements

While this option usually doesn’t stop seizures on its own, adding some key vitamins to your regimen can improve how well your anti-seizure medications do their job. Further, you’ll get other health benefits from the vitamins.

For example, adding magnesium or vitamin E may help if your seizures happen due to a lack of either of these minerals. Vitamin B-6 also plays a role in certain types of epilepsy.

Further, supplementing with vitamin D and biotin can also help make up for deficiencies that your medications may cause.

4. Look Into Herbal Remedies

Other natural remedies for epilepsy and seizures can include herbs that tend to offer anticonvulsant effects. Some of these include valerian, mistletoe, burning bush, and scullcap.

If you decide to try these herbs, you’ll want to do your research so that you take them safely and avoid interactions with other drugs.

Keep in mind that these herbs often don’t have scientific evidence behind them. In some cases, these herbs can cause side effects that make them not appealing.

Consider These Natural Remedies for Seizures

While you’ll want to follow your doctor’s advice, consider implementing some of these natural remedies for seizures into your treatment plan. You can discuss these with your doctor to make sure they will be safe and effective for you.

Keep in mind that your doctor likely won’t recommend these options to take the place of traditional medicine. Instead, they’ll probably complement existing medications and therapies you receive.

Our blog has other health posts that can give helpful advice, so be sure to check out our other articles!

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