Prabhas and Deepika Padukone Will Star Together in a New Movie

Indian actors have become very popular and famous not only in India and Bollywood but in Hollywood and the US as well. More and more good Indian actors move to the US or at least build their career in the US as well. This tendency has been going around for a couple of years already, meaning that the Hollywood scene is growing more and more multicultural and vibrant.

Many Indian superstars have been showing off on the Hollywood screens, and some of them managed to create a very successful career, while others are relatively in shade, and are less popular. Though everything is yet to come and with the development of circumstances, we should soon be able to witness more Indian actors and actresses playing in Hollywood movies.

Indian actors and actresses are not only popular in Bollywood movies but in one of the biggest industries in general, which is gambling. Many online and brick and mortar casinos have been actively involved in the promotion of relevant themes slots and Indian casino roulette online via hiring famous faces just like young actors Deepika or even Chopra.  It turned out that the gambling industry is the main supplier of the actors and actresses and Deepika and Prabhas are none of the exceptions. As the new movie title is yet to be announced, the casino industry in India, which is majorly illegal in most of the country, yet very popular among celebrities as well as among ordinary society. As both Deepika and Prahbas are both ex-models, they have often been offered certain titles and roleს in the industry. Both of the actors are expected to receive quite a decent amount of checks for representing their casinos, and who if nit the rising stars of the Indian cinematography can do it better?

New Blood in Hollywood

Having good connections and negotiation skills is always a good thing. With the acting career and especially making the career path, those features are important as well. Usually, many actors who are new to the industry and Hollywood generally, have someone to simply ask a question and to simply get through the way.

Deepika Padukone is one of the most popular recent Indian actresses in Bollywood and has gained fame in a quite short period of time. Deepika is also a close friend of Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is not only the famous Indian celebrity but also is one of the most famous Hollywood stars, especially from the moment she and Nick Jonas decided to tie a knot.

Priyanka and Deepika have been involved in one common case in Mumbai and with the recent development of the storyline, they have both been questioned by the local investigator and police officer. The reason is that some anonymous accounts on social media have been fake following celebrities including Priyanka and Deepika.

It smells like a new scandal

Those two are the most successful actresses of Bollywood in Hollywood, and both ladies have proved their titles and place in the industry, via having the massive fan following in reality and on social media as well.

The Mumbai Police has been investigating the fake and paid social media account for quite a while now, and one of the reports suggest that considering Deepika’s and Priyanka’s massive fan following on social media, the Mumbai police should soon consider the case of questioning two actresses as well. So far the police reported that there are over 50 firms who have a hand in the fake social media followers scam. One of the gang members, who is known as Abhishek Dinesh Daude has reportedly been arrested and the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU).

Yet, Deepika and Priyanka are not in this together and alone. There are a number of other famous celebrities as well as from the political party, the sports and entertainment industries, who are also under observation and might be questioned within the nearest future. Though, for now nothing is for certain and we have to observe the development of the situation.

Deepika’s shining moment

Besides the fact that the young actress might be accused of some illicit activities in relation to the scams and the fake accounts, Deepika Padukone shall soon come back to our screens, with the completely new feature, and present the new blockbuster together with another rising star of Bollywood industry Prabhas.

Prabhas and Deepika will star together in the new movie for the first time, which turned out to be very pleasant and happy news for both the actors. The project, which will be in Tami-language will be set outside of Bollywood. The cast is already amazing, as Prabhas is the king of Telugu-language or Tollywood, while Deepika is regarded as the leading lady of Bollywood.

The new movie will be directed by C. Aswani Dutt’s Vyjayanthi Movies and shall be released to the studios’ 50 year anniversary, in 2022. Nag Ashwin will be the director of the movie. Both actors made their official announcements and official comments about the news on Twitter.

Padukone tweeted: “Beyond Thrilled! Cannot wait for what we believe is going to be an incredible journey ahead…”

Ashwin tweeted: “I believe actors and projects find each other… Glad this is the story that chose to find you…can’t wait to start building this world together..and ur character, this a surprise for another day”.


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