How to Clean an Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Anti-fatigue mats can be a lifesaver when you stand on your feet all day. Not only do they feel super comfortable, they also keep you moving around so your muscles don’t become rigid and uncomfortable. Foot, hip, leg, and lower back pain is a major hindrance to doing your job right, so these mats are extremely helpful. But it’s important to keep them clean at the same time. If mats get too dirty, they may become more harmful than helpful. Here are some helpful hints on how to clean anti-fatigue mats and keep them in tiptop shape.

Do It by Hand

Cleaning your anti-fatigue mats is essential to keep the quality of them in-tact. Machine washers can be too harsh with your anti-fatigue mats. There is no need for machines or anything mechanical when washing them. Simply scrubbing them by hand will certainly do the trick. The entire cleaning process altogether shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. So don’t worry, cleaning your anti-fatigue mats by hand doesn’t mean you have to gruel over them for hours.

Hot Water Does the Trick

When cleaning your anti-fatigue mats, it is crucial that you use hot water. Oil and grease are tricky substances to remove from materials, especially the ones that are used for anti-fatigue mats. Hot water not only makes those tricky substances disappear faster, but also makes sure that they are entirely gone. Working with your choice of cleaning solution, the hot water will instantly dissolve oil and grease wherever you scrub, making your mats practically brand new again.

Soap, Detergent, or Degreaser

These three products are the best ones to choose when looking for a cleaning solution for your anti-fatigue mats. Mild soaps and detergents are great for breaking down oils that can stick to your mats. When combined with hot water and some scrubbing, the oils will be gone in no time. Degreaser is great to use when you know your mats are being exposed to tough grease. If you’re using soap or detergent with hot water and it seems like it’s still not removing everything, give a degreaser a try, it’s usually the perfect solution.

Sweep Daily

Sweeping your anti-fatigue mats daily is super easy and ensures that they are in the best condition. While it may not seem like it, a lot of dirt and debris can be trapped in your anti-fatigue mats. Cleaning them off is a great thing to do when you can and especially important to do before scrubbing them with soap and hot water. An alternative method to this is to simply hose them off. This creates the same finished product, just quicker.

Wet, Scrub, Dry

Those are the three simple steps. First thoroughly wet your mat with hot water. Then add your cleaning solution on top of that. Scrub your anti-fatigue mat all over, try not to miss any spots. Let the soap and water solution sit for a minute, then rinse it off entirely. Finally let your mat dry until it is fully dry. You should lay them flat to let them air out, no need to roll them up, and give them plenty of time to dry before using them again.

While some people may be wondering, “how do anti-fatigue mats work,” there are many people out there who love them and use them daily. They are a great way to avoid leg, hip, foot, and back pain while still being able to do a great job. It’s more than important to clean them properly and take care of them, they are doing a lot for you after all. And always remember: wet, scrub, dry!

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