Christian Nickel aka Chriz sheds light on the highs and lows of his life as a multi-entrepreneur

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Sometimes to achieve big things in life, one must start from scratch. The saying, “Rome was not built in a day” gets perfectly fit here. Same goes with the success of a person. It is not an overnight process. Christian Nickel aka Chriz Nickel started his journey from the bottom and today is one of the most successful multi-entrepreneurs in the world. He has carved his name among the best network marketers across the world. In a year’s time, Nickel has earned 6-figure income after which he went on to earn a 7-figure income in a time of 3 years.

The two important values in his life have been ambition and success. “Aim high to succeed higher”, says Christian. This young man from Germany has got an active team of 5500 members working with him who are highly inspired by his extraordinary work. His childhood was spent in Germany after which he worked as a dishwasher where he was paid 5 euros per hour. However, one job was not enough for him to cover his expenses. Chriz simultaneously did several side jobs in Obi, Subway and at other places.

In the years 2011 and 2012, this young man worked as a salesman where he got immense knowledge about sales. Chriz who then ventured as a part-owner for the company Humanleasing, it went into a major loss where the debt rose to 10,000 euros. To clear the debt and meet his requirements, he worked at a company which belonged to his friend’s father. With time, things changed as he got sponsorship from his friend’s father to work in South America.

Moving to South America was by far the best decision of his life.

While in March 2017, he was introduced to Multi-level marketing by one of his friends on Instagram. After thorough research, he decided to get into the marketing field. “With experience in sales, I had a good confidence to venture into the MLM companies”, he said. Between the years 2017 and 2020, Christian Nickel got associated with top network companies. In this year, he became a global sales director of Auvoria Prime. Today this young and talented entrepreneur is living a life of his dreams and has made a kingdom of his own.

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