Sergej Heck proves that success in life does not depend on coincidence

Sergej Heck never had a easy start for his success. His childhood as a refugee from Kazakhstan in Germany was not easy. Nevertheless, he managed to master his way. Today Sergej Heck is one of the leading professionals in the international market for blockchain and decentralized financing. He shows people around the world how to take control of their finances and make smart investment decisions.

After his successful Master’s degree in engineering, Heck decided to finally start with his career . In his job in a large automotive industry, however, he quickly realized that he wanted more than just being an employee. His desire to live a free and independent life continued to grow.

After failing to achieve the desired results in his first attempts in early 2015, he decided to invest 10,000 Euros in an online marketing course from the US. Even today, Heck emphasizes that this was one of the best investments he had made in his life.

His goal was to expand his experience in the crypto field and at the same time to educate interested readers about the possibilities in the blockchain industry. So he founded at the beginning of 2017. In the same year he started to become an active investor and founded at the end of 2017. Today, his two blogs generate traffic of 300,000 to 600,000 visitors per month.

How you deal with haters Sergej?

Entrepreneurs in all industries have to struggle with haters every day. Therefore we were very interested to find out how sergej deals with accusations in everyday life. Heck tells us that although he has been asked very little about whether his programs are scams, he has found accusations about him being a scam in the internet a few times. Heck emphasises that he has examined these accusations and found that none of these people have tested MarketPeak. Sergej says that every entrepreneur must deal with these kinds of accusations. The best way is not to let these things get too close to you. We better focusing our energy to our products to deliver our clients the best user experience.

How Sergej Heck revolutionizes the investment industry with Marketpeak

With the founding of Marketpeak in 2019, a lot has changed in the life of Mr. Heck. The slogan of the investment platform is clear: Shaping your future! Prior to the establishment of the platform, Sergej  has carefully analyzed the problems for many investors and also companies. For example, it was very difficult for small investors to participate in good investment projects that pay a high annual return. With Marketpeak he created a decentralized financing platform that creates a win-win situation for investors and companies.

For Sergej it is not only important to offer his members the best investment opportunities. Education is the base for all members at Marketpeak. The members will be informed about the possibilities, but also the risks in the blockchain industry through professional trainings. So members can better identify scams on the Internet. They are also able to make better decisions in the financial world independently.


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