CBD Dabs: An Insider’s Guide to Dosage, Benefits, and Effects

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You’re probably familiar with many health benefits that CBD offers. As an active cannabis compound, it is available in many forms, namely pills, creams, oil, crumble, etc. The dosage and its effect vary depending on how it is consumed.

CBD Dabs are a form of CBD that is slowly gaining much popularity. The Dabs are terpene-infused cannabis concentrates that come from non-psychoactive hemp. It is generally available as wax, crystals, or shatter. These forms of CBD are best consumed by vaporizing and inhaling, commonly referred to as Dabbing CBD.

How Can You Dab CBD

Dabbing is the method of inhaling small quantities of concentrated cannabis products. There are two methods of dabbing CBD extracts. One is through a dab or vape pen designed to work with non-liquid substances. Just take a dab pen, put CBD wax on its coils. It will heat the substance and create a vapor that can be inhaled through a mouthpiece.

Another slightly more complicated way is using dab rigs. It is a smoking pipe or concentrates rig specifically for concentrates and oils. Place the concentrate on the nail and inhale the vapor through the tube.

Benefits of CBD Dabs

Smoking Cannabis produces resin and smoke. Smoking dabs are a cleaner because all the toxins are removed in the extraction process of wax or dabs while retaining all the benefits of CBD.

CBD Dabs are excellent pain relievers. This is because they impact the endocannabinoid receptor activity in the body, reducing inflammation and reacting with neurotransmitters without the mind-altering effects of marijuana and other pharmaceutical drugs.

Looking for help with nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, and others that involve an upset stomach? Dabbing could help! It can even go as far as treating the side-effects of potent drugs like Morphine, etc. If nausea is preventing you from eating, dabbing can help bring your appetite back.

CBD concentrates help with muscle spasms. It can help with nerve damage and other neurological conditions like seizures and epilepsy. What’s more? Dabbing CBD oil stabilizes your mood as well. Anti-depression pills can take days to show effect; dabbing CBD can bring you relief within minutes.

CBD concentrates also help your heart by dilating vessels and improving circulation. It is even said to lower blood pressure and has anti-anxiety effects. This is because CBD is high on antioxidants and releases free radicals in the bloodstream.

Guess the best part of dabbing CBD? You can be sneaky with it! You can stealthily vape it in without anyone noticing, and it does not have any foul smell either.

CBD Dabbing can be for everybody. It gives you more control over the experience because it does not have the same psychoactive effect that THC does. It’s suitable for novices and seasoned smokers alike because it is easier on the lungs and provides quick relief from a range of health issues like stress, anxiety, nausea, headache, and other health ailments discussed earlier.

Of course, there are several over-the-counter medications available to help with all of those, but CBD oil comes without side effects. It is due to this reason that it is gradually gaining popularity in the health and wellness world.

Dosage and Effects of Dabbing

The most common applications of CBD include oral ingestion or topical ointments. While oral consumption takes time to show its effects, Vaping provides immediate relief. Studies say that a certain percentage of CBD consumed orally enters the bloodstream. It is for this reason that CBD dabbing is considered the most bioavailable method of consuming CBD concentrates, which essentially means that much of the content enters the bloodstream quickly.

Because the FDA does not regulate CBD, there is no universal dosage guide to overlook people’s consumption habits. It relies on how your body reacts to the cannabis compound, which, in turn, depends on the person’s age, weight, health, etc.

If you’re a recreational user looking for something to help you get a good night’s sleep, a small microdose, maybe a few drops, will do. On the other hand, somebody with chronic pain may require higher and more frequent doses.

It can take time to master the right dose of concentrate. Some Vape pens come with cartridges, and Vape manufacturers mention the number of hits or pull available per 0.5 or 1 mg of concentrate. Divide the milligram content by the number of hits. Take slow draws every time and feel it as it takes effects within minutes.

Once you feel better, please stop it. Gradually, you’ll get an idea of the dosage. As with everything else, it is better to start small and gradually increase the dose until you feel the desired effects.


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