3 Common Hotel-Related Injuries You Need to Avoid This Summer

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Almost half of all Americans have canceled a summer vacation due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

But that doesn’t mean these people have given up on traveling. In fact, one in four Americans is currently planning for a celebratory trip once the pandemic subsides. With all your extra free time due to social isolation, now is the perfect time to plan the trip of your dreams.

But once the threat of COVID ends, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still risks involved with traveling.

Keep reading to discover what the most common hotel injuries are and what steps you can take to avoid them.

1. Slips and Falls

Over 1 million emergency room visits each year are the result of slips or falls. So it only makes sense that when it comes to common injuries in a hotel, slips and falls top the list.

What makes this type of injury so common? It’s because a slip or a fall could happen anywhere.

Standing water near the ice machine, an uneven rug near the hotel entrance, or even a slippery staircase can all cause injury. The risks of slipping and falling only increase when you involve alcohol, which is a common ingredient in most vacations.

To avoid these injuries, always watch where you’re walking and look out for potential hazards. And if you’re drinking, make sure you have a sober friend to guide you back to your room.

2. BurnsĀ 

While a burn may be a less common hotel injury than a slip or fall, the risk is still there.

There are many things inside a typical hotel that could burn you. In your room, you could be burned by the iron, a faulty electrical outlet, or even too hot of water in the shower or tub. Outside your room, be wary of the hot tub, fireplaces, and hot food.

If you’re injured by a burn while at a hotel, make sure you consult a hotel injury lawyer ASAP. They’ll help make sure your medical costs are covered and seek compensation for your suffering.

3. Assaults

Unfortunately, many people are injured in a hotel as a result of an assault.

Tourists often make good targets for robberies or sexual assaults as they are less familiar with their surroundings. When you enter a hotel and make your way to your room, you could be unknowingly leading your attacker to your destination.

If you feel that someone is following you at a hotel, head to the front desk instead of your room. You should also pull out your cell phone and call a friend or 911 depending on how serious the threat is.

Avoid These Common Hotel Injuries

After reading this article, hopefully, you have a better understanding of the most common hotel injuries and how to avoid them.

Slips and falls, burns, and assaults are all too common when it comes to staying in a hotel. While traveling, make sure you are always aware of your surroundings and take note of anything that appears dangerous.

Now that you’re better prepared, it’s time to plan out your next trip. Head to the Travel section of this site to find everything from travel tips to top destinations.

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