New York Rnb Vocal Artist Vanityy Dictates Her Grip on RnB With Sensual Songs With Deep Meaning.

She croons, she belts, and she serenades— Brooklyn-based singer, Vanityy, just debuted her newest single “Energy” on July 9th, and energy-filled it most certainly is. Influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Mary J. Blige, and Britney Spears, Vanityy has never been afraid to embrace pop and all its variety. Her dynamic sound allows her plenty of creativity, all while keeping the steadiness of her natural voice. In “Energy,” Vanityy boasts an incredibly strong and powerful voice that is not afraid to carry itself, as well as the rhythm.

A stark contrast to her previous acoustic singles, “Energy” flaunts a danceability and kinetic dynamism that encourages the listener to groove and sway with the beat. “Energy” serves as an electrifying oasis in the midst of quarantine, inspiring mental visuals of a hazy club pulsing with passion and flashing lights. In the lyrics, Vanityy flirts with someone else’s energy, and spurs the listener to engage with her own energy.

She launches into the track with a powerful and assertive voice, and the backing track perfectly matches her intensity. She teases both the listener of the song and the subject of the song, beckoning them to “come closer” so that she can “feel [their] energy” with all her soulfulness. The song briefly slows down as she dances with the subject of the song, locking and purifying that moment in time—when it is just the two of them on the dance floor, feeling each other’s energies and nothing else. Then the tempo picks up again, and she is back to dancing, as is anyone listening to the music. “Energy” ends with a resounding echo that leaves you wanting more, encouraging replay after replay.

Through her four singles, and especially her latest release of “Energy,” Vanityy has proved that she is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.


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