5 Must-Have Technology Tools for Your Business

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The goal of any business is to work smarter not harder. The more efficient a business is, the more effective their service execution. New technology tools hit the market every day to make work easier and increase production.

Small business owners often work with a limited budget. The more ways to increase workflow, the better.

Are you looking to learn more about technological advancements you can incorporate to help your team? Keep reading for five tools your business should be using.

1. Cloud-Based Technology Tools 

Moving to cloud-based software applications means your employees can work from anywhere. It also gives your business 24/7 access to both employees and customers.

Utilizing these apps also allows you to capture data from your customers to be used to strengthen your services. Customer Relationship Management systems improve customer retention and increase profits.

Having your servers on the cloud also significantly reduces downtime due to power outages or other issues experienced with physical servers. 

2. Document Enhancement

Have you ever received documents from a client that were hard to read? Maybe a barcode has faded, a typo is caught, or you need to make a change. With technology tools using C# OCR, your staff can save time trying to decipher illegible text and barcodes.

The tool allows you to quickly convert Portable Data Files (PDF) to Word. You also have the capability to extract text and objects from images. More impressive, the software is capable of converting handwritten text, as well.

It is a must-have for businesses that have data entry roles.

3. Online Meetings

With more employees working outside of the traditional office, online meeting applications like Zoom is a must. Now you can call meetings without worrying about who is out of the office. Even if you are traveling and need to pull together a team for a quick conference call, mobile technology tools make it easy.

Video conferencing software is available for every size business. All you need is a device with video capability and internet access.

4. Visitor Management System

Visitor management systems are great for companies that do not have a receptionist or the receptionist wears multiple hats. The device is an interactive tool set-up in your lobby. It allows visitors to sign-in for appointments or complete registration.

A message is sent to the appropriate employee based on the system set-up. This technology tool has shown to save money and serve clients faster.

5. Online Booking 

In 2020, every business should have a website. Technology for websites has grown to the point it is made self-service portals trendy. The client can now book or change appointments online.

Depending on your business, you can also collect non-refundable booking deposits, easing the worry of last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

Are You Ready to Try New Business Tools?

These technology tools are sure to help you increase productivity and build a stronger team. Give them a try and see if your work-life improves.

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