Zachary Sheaffer’s Zamage Clothing: Aimed Towards Men but Appealing to Women

With a large number of competitors, clothing lines need to find a way to stand out and keep customers happy. Having a target audience is required and will help your products sell faster. But when a brand is able to go beyond and reach a much larger audience than what it had targeted, that is when the success will be constant. It means that clothing line was able to captivate more than one demographic and show it knows no limits. That is when brands become word of mouth recommended by its loyal customers. 

By taking a look at Zamage’s website and social media, you will easily realize this is what happened with them. The company started selling T-shirts, cell phone accessories, and hats aimed for male consumption. When they expanded to an online store, their website was designed to display the products in order to appeal male customers. Their products were all made to be worn by men, from track pants and shorts to denim outfits and sneaker tees. This brand’s target audience was the male-identified population.

One simple look at their marketing campaigns will show they were thought with men in mind. But looking at their recent social media posts will surprise you by seeing they have reached a larger audience. Women-identified people can be seen wearing their track pants and facemasks. They get to enjoy the outfits just as much as the men which goes to show Zamage has gone beyond the limits of the customers they had previously thought they would reach.

What does this say about Zamage? Most importantly, that their designs are appealing and attractive for anyone to wear. Their creativity and uniqueness have caught customers’ eye, and their quality has kept them coming back for more. At the same time, this larger audience reach and different buyers, allows future customers to see Zamage’s sizes fit more than one type of body and can be worn by all kinds of people. That is exactly what consumers are looking for: a brand that does not put them in one specific box. For that reason, Zamage has become a consumers’ favorite clothing line.

When Zachary Sheaffer founded Zamage back in 2004, he wanted it to become men’s number one stop for the newest fashion in clothes and accessories. That goal has been reached, and men turn to Zamage when they want to buy trendy, comfortable, and fashionable products. But the brand has gone beyond that founding motivation and has become the number one stop for anyone shopping for the most recent fashion trends in clothes and accessories.

Clothing brands need to find different, creative ways to stand out and acquire loyal customers. Without this, they would not be able to succeed long term. Zamage has been able to be successful throughout the years because they have adapted to their consumers and offered products that left them wanting more. Throughout the years, they have designed outfits and accessories appealing to different kinds of people, and that is why they have become one of the consumers’ favorite brands.


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