Does beard growth oil really help?

Beard oil is a conditioner which helps to nourish, moisturize and soften your beard hair. It is effective for moisturizing the skin below the beard. It makes your beard appear fuller, softer and better. It also helps in beard growth. Read out below to know the benefits of beard growth oil and whether it really helps or not:

Uses of beard growth oil:

Handle the beast

Beard hair is rougher than your head hair. The beard growth oil softens, tames and adds luster to your beard hair. It nourishes the scraggly hair and gives your beard a neater and styled look.

Condition the skin below

Beard oil keeps the skin below the beard supple and nourished. It wipes out the chances of beard dandruff and doesn’t let the skin underneath get itchy.

Give your beard a fuller look

Beard oil gives a fuller and lusher look to your hair. It can also promote hair growth.

Give nice smell to your beard

Beard oil smells great and can be used a cologne replacement too.

Does beard oil promote hair growth?

No scientific proof

It hasn’t been scientifically proven yet that beard oil promotes beard growth. However, there are anecdotal evidences which showcase that the ingredients of the beard oil do support beard hair growth. The ingredients rich in antioxidants and other minerals promote beard hair growth. 

Works perfectly as a moisturizer

Beard oil is highly effective when used a moisturizer for your skin below the beard. Once you start using it, you will notice improvement in the skin and beard. It is recommended for all types of skins, whether oily or sensitive. If you have an acne prone skin, then go for beard oil which has necessary essential oils with anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial properties. It could include cinnamon or tea tree oil.

The steps to use a beard growth oil effectively:

The best time to use beard oil is right after you have taken a bath and shampooed your beard. You can also use it after you have washed your face. Using the oil when your pores are open helps your skin to absorb the oil efficiently. You can use the beard oil daily or every other day.

When you are using beard oil, make sure you don’t overdo it or it will make your beard look greasier rather than looking groomed:

  • Just use three to five drop of the oil on your palm and massage it gently ion your beard in a downward direction. Do it while your beard is damp and not soaked in water
  • Make sure you use it on your full beard.
  • If your beard is long and fuller, then use a comb to evenly distribute the oil in the beard.
  • Style as you want

All in all, beard oil is a cosmetic product which has been designed to enhance the appearance of your beard and the skin below it. There are no scientific evidences that it helps in beard growth but it does give results in making your bread look softer, plusher and fuller.


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