10 Incredible Reasons to Go Solar When Buying Your First Home

If you’re about to become a new homeowner and want to learn more about solar energy, you’re in the right place! 

Purchasing your first home should be looked at as an investment. Although home buying can be costly upfront, you can lower your bills by going solar. Solar technologies use the sun’s energy to provide your home with electricity, light, hot water, heat, and cooling.

Solar energy is sustainable and renewable. Lower monthly utility bills and financial returns are some of the incentives. Keep reading to discover ten incredible reasons to go solar when buying your first home.

1. Solar is Eco-Friendly

Solar energy benefits the environment by generating clean, renewable power from the sun. It reduces carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, and reliance on fossil fuels. As Earth gets healthier from this, you will experience health benefits.

Fossil fuels hurt the planet and your health. Since solar decreases harmful emissions from being released into the atmosphere, your home will be one of the eco-friendly homes on the block. This could encourage others to make the switch as well.

2. Your Utility Costs Decrease

Solar panels will be an investment that saves you money on your monthly bill. Your electricity bill will be lower since you’re using the sun to provide your new home with energy. A panel system can generate free power for your home for 25 years or longer.

If you want to save money on utilities while helping the environment, solar energy is the right choice for you. You’ll see a return on your investment and can pay for your panels monthly to lower upfront costs.

3. Financial Returns

You can be paid for going solar, literally. The US government gives homeowners a tax credit, not a deduction. Depending on your state and local government, there may be additional incentives.

The cost of investing is getting lower and spreading further. Most states have policies ensuring that the public benefits from solar power. When you can make money for investing in renewable and safer energy, why not take advantage?

4. Simple Payment Terms

Not every homebuyer, first-time or not, can afford to pay the full cost of solar panels upfront. Thankfully, you don’t have to stress about hauling out loads of cash right away. Many solar companies offer payment plans and no down payments.

Your payment can be spread out over years or bundled in your mortgage cost. Since your monthly utility cost will decrease or be eliminated, you’ll be able to afford a payment plan. You should speak more to a professional about your situation for a clear estimate.

5. Increase Home Value

Whether you plan on making your first home your forever home, you should consider the home value. Your home’s value can affect the neighborhood and the local economy. When it comes time for you and your family to move on, you’ll be able to resell for a higher cost than you initially paid.

Solar panels are an upgrade that deserves a higher return. Market factors may impact the size of the premium, like electricity rates and size. However, solar homes can sell for higher than those without it.

6. Boosts Local Economy

When you choose to work with local contractors and solar companies, you’re doing your part in creating jobs and boosting the economy. Solar-related jobs can be higher paying and can’t be outsourced to other countries. These are the kinds of jobs that are significant to the U.S. economy.

While you may not be able to create a company that hires hundreds of employees, you can help by choosing local companies. You can find solar panel installers and contractors by searching your area. The job will be done correctly, and you’ll have done your part in boosting the economy.

7. Avoid Rising Energy Expenses

The cost of energy isn’t cheap, but it can be by choosing to go solar. Every year the cost of energy produced by fossil fuels rises. In return, your utility bills have increased too.

Solar panels can fix your electricity rate and protect you from the rising expense of fossil fuel created energy. If your income fluctuates, this will help you avoid paying more out than you anticipated. Manage your expenses by saving with solar energy.

8. Low Maintenance

Once your solar panels have been installed, you can expect low maintenance. The most they need is to be cleaned periodically. You’ll remove leaves, dirt, and other debris that obstructs the sun’s rays.

Because your maintenance requirements are minimal, the cost to maintain is small. This is yet another way solar energy saves you money.

9. Increase US Energy Independence

The sun’s a source of energy that you can use to improve your home. This energy source has become key to attaining energy independence in the US. Increasing the capacity to generate solar energy can insulate the country from fluctuations in energy markets globally.

By increasing the US energy independence, you’ll reap more benefits as an American homeowner.

10. Silent Energy

Solar panels can generate energy from the sun without making a sound. There are no moving parts or noise associated with choosing to go solar. The system is silent, meaning you won’t have to hear the buzzing of powerlines.

While there are other green alternatives like wind turbines, none are as quiet as solar panel systems.

Now That You Know Reasons to Go Solar, Here’s How

You can go solar today by choosing the right professional to help you get started. If you live in or near Raleigh, North Carolina there’s a top-notch solar panel company nearby waiting to assist you. You can learn more about Blue Raven Solar by clicking the link.

Enjoy This Chapter of Your Life

Congratulations on your new home. Now that you’ve read these ten incredible reasons to go solar when buying your first home, you can get started on investing in this upgrade. Not only will you see a return on your investment, but you’ll be helping the planet and economy.

Solar energy isn’t the only thing that your life could use. Our site gives readers the information needed for investments to grow. Check out the rest of our blog today!


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