Why is it so difficult to pick a drug treatment center? And how should I do it?

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health stated that in 207, there were 19.7 million American adults who abused substances. And around 75% of them also experienced an alcohol use disorder. As you can imagine, the numbers grew until these days. The present pandemic makes it challenging to estimate how many people will turn to substances to relieve the pressure and stress they’re experiencing. 

The issue with substance abuse is widespread, but luckily there are many treatment options available for those who want to stop their addiction. If you recently discovered that one of your loved ones struggles with substance use, the emotions of the moment can overwhelm you. But don’t let them distract you from what you need to do; it’s your role to help them find their path. It’s normal to feel a sense of panic, mainly because you must find the right center for them, and there are so many options from which you can pick. 

The following guidelines will help you find the right treatment facility for your loved one. Keep in mind that criteria are essential because each center approaches treatment differently. 

Check for accreditation, licensing and certifications

The national and local authorities accredit trustworthy drug treatment centers. But how do you know if a center is accredited or not? Facilities need certification to advertise their services on Google and social media, so if you can find their website and social media profile, they are reliable. When picking a certified rehab center, you know their programs are legitimate, and they use treatment solutions that protect the patients. 

The staff is licensed to work with people struggling with substance abuse

After you make sure the center is accredited and has all certifications, go further and verify the credentials and licenses the staff holds. It’s paramount that specialists at drug treatment centers Los Angeles to have licenses recognized nationally because they prove they meet the standards for professional practice. 

If the employees working for the center lack accreditation and license, they may not be trained to provide the best care for them. When working in a rehab center, they must hold one of the following licenses Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Addictions Counselor, or Certified Co-occurring Disorder Counselor.          

The facility also provides mental health services

People struggling with substance abuse often experience a co-occurring mental health condition like depression, PTSD, or anxiety. For the treatment to be effective, and the diagnosis accurate, a mental health expert should evaluate their state. If your loved one receives a dual diagnosis, the most promising treatment focuses on both the addiction and the co-occurring mental health issue. When you look for drug treatment centers that can help your loved one get over this challenging period, ask the representatives if they work with mental health professionals or refer you to someone, in case they need medical support. 

Here are our main tips on choosing a drug treatment facility for someone struggling with substance abuse. 


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