Roofing a House: 5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof This Summer

Some roofs last for 50 years, while others stand for half of that time. And then, there are the ones that just start to look lackluster after a while. 

So, how can you tell if you need a new one? Roofing a house is a significant expense, so you want to be sure before you invest in such a service. 

We want to make it easier for you to decide — here are five signs you need to replace your roof this summer.

1. The Shape of Your Shingles

Firstly, inspect the shingles that make up your roof. Pay particular attention to the ones receiving direct sunlight. 

Do your shingles curl at the edges? Or, can you see that they’re losing the granules that once stuck to their surfaces? 

A roof repair could fix these defective shingles. Or, their degradation could be a sign of a more significant issue — you might need to replace your roof. 

2. Light Leaks

You might also start your roof check from your attic. Grab a flashlight and head upstairs for an inspection. 

Firstly, check to see if any beams of light can peek through your shingles. If so, that could be a sign you need to replace your roof. 

If you don’t see any gaps or holes in the roof, inspect the eaves of your roof. Turn on your flashlight and search for signs of water damage. Streaks or stains show that your roof has been compromised — and may need replacing.

3. Moss Growth

On that note, your roof might show signs that its retaining moisture from the outside, too. 

A sagging slope is a telltale sign that your roof needs replacing. However, there’s a subtler clue to look for, moss. 

Moss or any other greenery growing from your roof is a surefire sign that moisture has built up in your shingles. You can remove it, of course, but be sure it doesn’t indicate a more significant problem — one that can be solved by getting a new roof. 

4. Granules in the Gutter

We’ve mentioned that a shingle losing its granule means it might need replacing. 

If you can’t get up on the roof to inspect the shingles, then have a look at your rain gutters and drain pipes. 

Granules can gather there as they fall from shingles and wash away in the rain. So, if you see lots of granular build-up in your drains, it could mean that a new roof is in order. 

5. Age of Your Roof

We’ve already touched on the life expectancy of a roof. Copper, slate, or tile roofs can endure for a whopping half-century. 

The rest of your roofing material options tend to last for 20 to 25 years. If your house has had the same roof for a quarter-century, it probably needs replacing based on age alone. 

Get Ready for Roofing a House

Perhaps you’ve realized that you need a new roof. Your next step is to prepare for the task ahead. 

Roofing a house is an expensive task, but one that’s worth your investment. For the next quarter-century, you’ll live beneath a safe, secure overhang. 

And, while you will bring in a professional for this task, you can still helm small projects to improve your home. Check out our house section for all of our best DIY tips


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