How to Clean a Dishwasher in a Few Simple Steps

Dishwashers have become an indispensable tool in modern people’s lives. But much like with washing machines, people often forget that dishwashers also need cleaning from time to time.

Even high-end models with multiple spray arms, jets, and hard food disposal systems require attention. If you don’t take care of your dishwasher, the cost of repairs will jump immensely. And if too much grime gathers in the dispenser, the dishwasher might break altogether.

We’ve gathered the simplest solutions that will help you clean your dishwasher thoroughly without sacrificing too much of your free time.

Remove bits of food

No matter if it’s a countertop, freestanding, or built-in model, food remains can get stuck in your dishwasher. Even models with hard food dispensers still trap some hardened bits inside which form a clog in time.

To avoid this, make a habit of checking for remains every time you take out the dishes from the dishwasher. Remove the bottom rack and use a paper towel to pick up the bits and place them in a trash bin. Doing so at least once every three washes prevents bad odors and clogging.

Clean the filter

Every other week, you should clean the filter if you use the dishwasher daily. Remove the racks and look below the bottom spray arm.

Take the filter out, rinse it with hot water, scrub the screen and plastic frame with a toothbrush. That’s pretty much it. After you’re done, put the filter and the racks back in their place.

Some units might have differing mechanisms, so be sure to check out the user manual. It’s better to know what you’re getting into than to have a nasty surprise later down the line.

Wipe away door grime

Grime forms pretty quickly because of the constant use of water. While a little grime doesn’t hurt, it can become sticky and cause other problems if left unchecked.

The solution for this is simple. Get a damp cloth or sponge and simply wipe away the grime. Make sure to wipe the entire interior of the door as well as the edges. And since you’re here, you might also want to remove dust from the dishwasher door’s exterior.

Deep cleaning

Relax, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You won’t have to disassemble and clean each component individually.

You have two easy options. Either get dishwasher cleaner tablets, toss them inside, and run a regular cycle, or do it yourself using two cups of distilled vinegar and running a regular cycle. Both methods work just as well and are easy to use.

Take care of the exterior

The dishwasher’s exterior won’t affect how well or how poorly it runs. However, it’s a good idea to take care of it so you won’t embarrass yourself in front of other guests.

With that said, get a stainless steel cleaner with a microfiber cloth, and start wiping away fingerprints and dust. Use it the same way you would use a window cleaner. Spray it all over the dishwasher door, leave it for a few minutes, and wipe it away with the clean microfiber cloth.

Warning: Don’t use abrasive cleaners, as those tend to leave scratch marks on the surface.

The bottom line

As you can see, maintaining a dishwasher is quite a simple process. With minimal effort and spending, your machine will be able to run for years to come without damage.

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