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If you have dreams of creating and running your own business, or have already started a company but feel like it’s not moving as quickly as you imagined, you’re certainly not alone. Building anything from scratch takes time and effort and, quite often, reaching entrepreneurial goals can be a lot harder than you might think. However, successful entrepreneur Guy Lelouch is on hand to help you to achieve all that you have in mind thanks to his amazing, career enhancing tools.

Who is Guy Lelouch?

When it comes to claiming entrepreneurial success, Guy Lelouch has done it all. From starting out in a low paid software development job to becoming the happy and fulfilled individual that he is today, Guy has certainly experienced all of the career highs and lows that you could think of, making him an expert when it comes to offering business help and advice. After becoming frustrated with his software development role, Guy decided to quit and try his hand at something that he could have control over and call his own. He came up with a business idea that both used his software development skills and required very little capital, and had his first product ready to sell within just four months.

This company of Guy’s became a huge success and brought him the financial security he wanted, plus so much more. However, this dream wasn’t meant to last, and Guy ended up leaving the company and heading off around the world with nothing but a carry on suitcase of belongings instead. Upon thinking about his past, Guy Lelouch realised that all dreams could be achieved by creating and tracking different metrics, in the same way that you’d measure business success. With this in mind, he created a number of tools that would help him, and others, to gain everything that they wanted in life, including entrepreneurial success, perfect relationships, their ideal body shape, and financial security.

How do Guy Lelouch’s tools work?

The tools that Guy Lelouch created work to build focus and drive through prioritisation, determination, and developing habits that help people to achieve their goals. These tools have been tried and tested and went through plenty of stages of trial and error to make them the success that they are today, and Guy is the perfect example of what can be achieved through using them. From having very low grades and being kicked out of school to running his own successful business, and going from unfulfilling relationships to a strong, happy engagement with his fiancee, Guy is a great role model when it comes to using these tools to get what you want in life.


Guy Lelouch’s BOOST Journal is a tool that will encourage you to focus on what truly matters, and to work on the self-motivating steps that will get you there. By taking time out of your day to absorb yourself in the journal and your dreams, you’ll find yourself accelerating towards your end goals at a speed that you may not have imagined was possible. Don’t be deterred if the thought of writing in a journal fills you with dread, as spending just a few minutes each day with this life enhancing tool is all that it takes to hit all of the targets you put in place for yourself, and you certainly won’t regret it.

There are a whole number of people who happily testify that the BOOST Journal has helped them to reach their goals and create the perfect life that they’d always imagined. This journal will provide all that you need to change your habits in order to become more productive, and increase your focus so that your eye is always on the prize. Even on those days when you feel really unmotivated and like nothing could possibly be achieved, you’ll discover that this journal really will give you a boost like no other, and you’ll be racing towards those dreams again in no time.

Receive a BOOST Journal free of charge

If boosting your life with Guy Lelouch’s journal is something that you’d like to try, you can do so free of charge. In giving away copies of his BOOST Journal for free, Guy hopes that he can help others to achieve and enjoy the same successes that he now has himself. To get your free journal, visit the Dream Hackers website and apply for yours today.


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