Reece Larkin: Leading the rise of the millennial digital entrepreneur

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Reece Larkin quit university at 20, made his first million at 22 and at 24 continues to chase down his entrepreneurial dreams.

Having grown up in a world of technology, and often glue to his phone, Larkin has a different approach to entrepreneurship than his predecessors.  The self-confessed workaholic believes that there is now a new generation of entrepreneurs for whom opportunity is everywhere and being glued to his phone is his way of shaping the world around us.

At 24, he already boasts an impressive business CV having successfully built an empire across the social media and marketing spectrum.

“Technology is in my veins and I’m lucky to have grown up being surrounded by the evolving technological world. I think millennials are the early adopters and the emerging social media scene isn’t new for us which gives us the advantage as it has made technology our second nature, and in doing so we are able to leverage it effectively”.

Combining his lust for technology and digital knowledge, Larkin discovered the online freelance platform, Fiver and didn’t look back. Offering clients expert digital marketing and SEO services, he became one of the platforms top sellers, clocking up a staggering 14,000 clients across 78% of the globe, and impressively turning over $1M in two years. Not bad for a 21 year old!

With a tech-savvy mind, venturing into the digital arena is what Larkin knows and loves. He founded Blackcorn, a global digital marketing agency, specialising in social media and PR.

“I believe that having youth on my side has helped me in a lot of decisions I have made. I am an optimistic person and am willing to take a leap of faith – I prepare myself mentally for some falls along the way but I also prepare myself to be willing to guts it out and to go for it! I think millennials are more prepared to leap and fail but give it a go moreso than our predecessors.” 

And it is his gutsy attitude that compels him to take his business mind-set and go from strength to strength. Starting a business isn’t easy and takes a great amount of gumption but Larkin has it in bundles. Never resting on his laurels and always on the look-out for the next big thing in social media makes him a busy man.

“Having worked as a freelancer I’ve adopted a different attitude to the workplace. I don’t believe you need to be in an office from 9 – 5 to get the job done. Flexibility is key so being able to offer staff a work-life balance only helps draw out the very best, which ultimately is what I want! Happy staff make for happy clients, and happy clients make me happy, so a win-win situation! But as a CEO, you have to be prepared to put the hours in and keep yourself one step ahead of the game. When you start to ease up. you will ultimately slow down and that isn’t something that I envisage doing.”

However, success hasn’t come easy, there have been curveballs along the way.

“Yes, I’ve enjoyed success but along with success have come failings. But I knew that failings were likely to occur and I was prepared to make sacrifices in order to achieve. Sacrifice is often an overlooked aspect of being an entrepreneur, you can’t put in a half-hearted effort and expect to succeed. I work incredibly hard and put in the long hours, but never grudgingly as I’m prepared to risk comfort and security to enjoy a more comfortable future.” 

It would appear that the sacrifices are paying off and Larkin is now simultaneously enjoying his two passions in life; work and travel. With an impressive amount of air-miles, Larkin never takes his eye off the ball, instead uses travel to fuel his entrepreneur mind-set by carving out fresh ideas and remaining one step ahead in the entrepreneurial game.

Follow Reece Larkin’s Instagram here.

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