How often do I need to repair my roof?

One of the most neglected parts of any house is the roof. When people are making a total makeover of their home, they rarely call a roofing contractor, such as St Louis Roofing Company.

But did you know that single damage could render you homeless if you are not careful?

This brings the question of how often one should repair his or her roof. Roofing contractors often have to answer this query from homeowners, which is why we thought we would answer this question through this article. Make sure you read until the end.

What any contractor will tell you

Before you hire any contractor, they will tell you one thing is for sure. It would be best if you carried out roofing inspections always. And that should be several times in a year or at least two times.

If you do not have money to hire a roofing contractor, you can go up there yourself. On the other hand, if you are afraid of heights, you can ask a friend, relative, or anybody who’s not scared of heights to go up there and check if everything is okay.

Don’t replace it yet

Primarily, most roofs are durable. They can go for years without needing any replacements. So, when you notice little damage on any part of the roof, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately replace the entire roof. That is expensive for nothing.

On the other hand, don’t compare your roof with someone else’s. Your neighbor’s roof might be similar to yours, but various environmental factors can reduce the roof’s durability.

Also, don’t neglect that small damage. Once you notice it, deal with it. That small patch can cause other significant problems on your roof.

So, what are some of the things that should lead you to repair the roof?

  1. When the electricity bill is higher than usual

The state of a roof plays a huge role in maintaining the temperature of the home. If there’s small damage to it, you may notice that the air may be hot, humid, or cold. And that will lead you to keep the thermostat or air purifier on for a longer time.

With that, your electric bill will go up. If you notice these, contact a roofing expert to help you identify the problem immediately.

  1. Leaks when it rains

At first, your roof may not leak water droplets through the ceiling. If it does, know that the damage is likely to be excessive. You may begin to notice an unusual discoloration in the ceiling. If you see that, then know that it’s time to gather all your tools and repair that section to prevent mold spores from forming.

Otherwise, the problem may become more prominent and run your ceiling, the wooden planks that support the ceiling, and everything up there.

  1. Broken shingles

Broken shingles might be one of the most common roof damages that most homeowners face. You may not see it from afar. But it happens. And it may be because of animals, wear 

and tear, or trees falling on the shingles.

Repair those broken shingles or replace them immediately. One broken shingle can lead to leakages through the ceiling and temperature fluctuations.

  1. Climate change

Different seasons have different impacts on your roof. For instance, during summer, you may notice that too much heat is penetrating through the roof. Alternatively, winter or rainy seasons may cause the formation of ice dams or rot on the roof. If you notice a sudden fluctuation in temperature, you should ask the roofing company to do the job.

  1. Unusual accumulation of the leaves

If your house is next to any tree that sheds its leaves, then it’s obvious that your roof will have many leaves.

However, these dry leaves can turn out disastrous, especially if it rains. When it rains, they will absorb some of the moisture and eventually rot. Now, these leaves can accumulate on the gutters or cause rotting on the shingles. If you have an iron roof, then it will start rusting.

Which is why you must remove the leaves once they start accumulating.

Final words

Remember, roof repairs cost money. Also, a good roof has a significant impact on the value of your home. That is if you want to sell it.

For these two reasons, be keen. Check to see if you can see anything on the roof that needs to be diagnosed. And if you notice any problem, seek professional help or decide to do it yourself, with an expert’s guidance, of course.

And for older roofs, inspect them often and consult a roofing professional to help you know the best ways to maintain it or the right time to replace it.


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