7 Health Side Effects of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

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Everybody knows that the mattress we sleep in can have a huge impact on the quality of our sleep. Failing to recognize the importance of your sleep quality can adversely affect your physical and mental wellbeing. However, what many people do not know is how to differentiate between a bad mattress and a quality one. Failing to recognize the bad mattress symptoms early on can give rise to several potential health side effects. We have therefore come up with a list of such side effects and ways to recognize signs of a bad mattress as early as possible.

#1 Back Pain

We spend about one-third of our entire day sleeping and if we are doing it on a poor mattress, we may end up giving ourselves body pain, especially in the lower back region. A mattress that fails to provide your body the support and comfort it needs can make you sleep in an unnatural position. Though every individual has their own preferences when it comes to mattresses you can always opt for a soft mattress with ample amount of support for your back.

#2 Joint Pain

If you are sleeping in a mattress that is too firm or sagging in the middle you may be subjected to waking up with a soreness in your joints. Inflammation of joints or arthritis is a very serious issue and may haunt you for long if you continue sleeping in such hard or worn out mattresses. Conduct a proper measuring of your mattress and if you feel that it is uneven at places you may want to switch it with another mattress or a waterbed. Check out the benefits of using waterbed mattress as they help distribute your weight equally on the surface and prevent sagging.

#3 Increased Stress

Studies in the past have shown that sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress may lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety due to the poor and incomplete sleep cycle.  A bothersome side effect of sleeping on an uncomfortable bed is a constant feeling of drowsiness arising from the stress. It is not uncommon to feel sleepy in the daytime even after completing your required sleep if the quality of your sleep remains poor. Opting for a new and more comfortable mattress may dramatically reduce your amount of stress. You can also make certain additional changes to your sleeping habits to improve your quality of sleep.

#4 Allergies and Skin Problems

The age and the quality of your mattress heavily impact the amount of dust particles, mites, pollens and other allergens that get accumulated in it. If your worn-out mattress harbors pests like mites and bed bugs, chances are that it will be filled with their droppings which can cause allergies affecting your skin and respiratory system. The pests may themselves cause various health conditions like eczema, rashes, asthma, etc. Perform a regular cleaning and vacuuming of your mattress and bedding but if the situation seems uncontrollable opt for a new mattress.

#5 Obesity

An uncomfortable mattress might not just be ruining your night sleep but also affecting your body weight in an adverse manner. Several studies have proved that people who tend to sleep lesser than the required amount end up gaining additional weight. The extra amount of food that you consume to make up for the lack of energy contributes towards making you obese. The late-night snack you end up grabbing due to trouble falling asleep may cause indigestion and make things worse.

#6 Weakened Memory

Of all the side effects that a poor mattress can cause, you may consider the gradual weakening of your memory as the worst. Just like the effect of drowsiness, a blurry memory can soon turn you into a walking ghost. It is therefore key that you recognize early signs and switch to a more suitable mattress that helps you sleep quickly and soundly so that you complete all the stages of your sleep and achieve REM sleep.  You may also consider making a few adjustments to your bedroom environment to facilitate the process. 

#7 Cardiovascular Risks

Failing to complete your everyday sleep cycle has been studied to cause heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Thanks to your uncomfortable mattress, you stand prone to higher risk of such health conditions even if you are young or you take good care of your cardiovascular health by exercising regularly and maintaining a diet. A bad mattress may end up straining your heart more than it would have if you slept on a proper mattress.


Your mattress affects your health in ways unforeseen which is why you should always invest in a good mattress. You may also want to be updated with some essential facts about sleeping to help you sleep better.

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