Sahil Dahiya: Creating meaningful relations with customers using his entrepreneurial skills in the e-commerce industry

Creating & maintaining great & deeper relations with customers is key in growing your e-commerce business exponentially, according to Dahiya

As soon as the world realised the importance of all online mediums, most of the businesses & entrepreneurs started leveraging the medium to expand their ventures. But, it is essential also to realise one thing that it is not only about making maximum use of technologies at hand for your business but also about the kind of relations you create & maintain with your clients that actually plays a major role in determining your growth as a company, especially when you are in the e-commerce industry.

Sahil Dahiya is one young gun in the e-commerce space we know who excelled his business in the industry & that too at a very tender age because he realised the importance of creating stronger relations with clients & customers. Completing his 12th grade, he decided to become a businessman & in 2018 launched his dropshipping business. But, his journey before that was not an easy one just like almost all successful entrepreneurs would face hardships in life, Dahiya too faced them, but with courage & grit. For that, initially, he worked on online platforms to run Facebook ads & also worked in the digital marketing field to fund his business. And, after acquiring the same, he focused on all the strategies that would make him jump-start his career in e-commerce.

Dahiya recommends a few ways to new entrepreneurs that even he adopted to build stronger & meaning relationships with customers to grow the business.

  • Be honest with your business & do the right thing: Rather than going the easy way for your business, do it the right way with full honesty to build a business you can feel proud of, points out Dahiya. People should connect with your sincerity & trust you as a company. Take care of your clients by listening to them, welcoming their feedbacks & solving them efficiently.
  • Create an impact on customer’s mind by being a catalyst for change: Make your customers believe that they are not just purchasing things from your site; they are also supporting a bigger cause that your business is promoting. Make them believe that you care about the world. Make your personal mission to support a group or cause that helps certain people by making a charity towards them with a percentage of every sale you make, recommends Dahiya.
  • Stand out from your competition: Dahiya also suggests start-ups to adopt strategies for their business that will help them stand out from the rest in an already saturated market. The more unique ideas & perspective you present your customers with the more they get attracted to your business. Market your business in a way that customers feel a part of it that makes them choose your company always for making a purchase.

Dahiya insists start-up businesses & entrepreneurs to try & connect a chord with their customers just like he has been doing till now because no other strategies can work the way this works where you make your customers feel like a part of your family.  Embrace them, & listen to what they need & want. The more profound relation you draw with your customers, the more they connect with you & believe in your honesty in the business.


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