Kickstarter Focus: Anima – Gate of Memories

Stemming from the intensely popular Anima tabletop game, Anima: Gate of Memories is an artistic action RPG that draws from many inspirations such as Kingdom Hearts and God of War. Their goal is to animate the complex world that the original games have crafted in such detail and create an RPG world that gamers can enjoy. The battles will be fast-paced and the character customization will be oriented like a tabletop game—in other words, you will have a huge amount of character building options for your characters. You will also control two characters, which means we might see some interesting co-op action.

The battles will involve traditional button mashing along with animated quick time events, making the fast-paced battles of Kingdom Hearts and God of War the closest bet we have for a gameplay example. If they manage to pull it off, the game will be great—but quick time events have also been known to detract from plenty of other games because they break the game suspension. Hopefully their first gameplay videos will give us more information about this feature of the game.

Having two main characters adds an interesting dynamic to the game, and this feature is probably the most exciting part of it. Although the game is story-driven, the plot is affected by player choices and is by no means linear. Your actions with either of the characters will directly affect the outcome of the story. While many games star two major characters, few ascend to more than a sidekick during the storyline. In Anime: Gate of Memories, both characters have their own skill trees and both have their own story choices to make. The game’s quest system revolves around the plot, with subquests revealing secrets that are otherwise only inferred during the main game. The subquests will also give unique rewards for players who go through the trouble of seeking them out, such as special items or gobs of experience.

Although there is no gameplay of Anima: Gate of Memories, the concepts are both completely finished and beautiful. They also have a style shot depicting a 3D character in the style of their game—and it closely resembles the concept art. Anima art has always been stunning and watching the company bring this into a 3D world will definitely be interesting. The complex character and weapon designs are easy to stare at, and seeing them in action would be amazing. With no actual gameplay available, it’s difficult to judge whether it’s even possible. It seems like something that would require a next-gen game engine. Then again, they are asking a fair sum for the development of the game, so that engine is probably where it’s all going.

While concept art might be very little to go on, the game concepts themselves are sound. No matter what direction they take with the graphics, a game that properly combines tabletop rpgs with action-packed video games would be something amazing. A battle system that utilizes simple controls but allows for complex customization is also amazing, so this game has plenty to offer for fans of the genre. As of typing, the game still has $70,000 left to go, so be sure to support it if you can.


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