Staging your Home with Mid-Century Modern Furniture Living Room Ideas

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When it comes to staging your house for a sale, you want it to look its absolute best for any potential buyer who walks through the door. The way you decorate the house you’re staging should help potential buyers imagine moving in and living there. With the mid-century modern style living room gaining increasing popularity, you can use the look to attract more customers and prospects when staging your home.

Popularized in the 1940s to the 70s, the mid-century modern style still remains popular with the mainstream gaze for a number of good reasons. It is defined by clean lines, minimal ornamentation, organic forms, and high functionality. And you can commit to a fully mid-century modern style and easily incorporate this look into the living room of the house you’re staging with these ideas.


White is pretty common with the mid-century modern style living room. It has a bright tone that can make any surface look modern because of its clean surface. White can also be combined with virtually any color so you can combine several colors against a white background. It can blend well with 50s furniture of different colors. That means you could throw in those beige armchairs, a grey sofa, and strong, deep-brown stools. White even blends well with the green of ferns. Lastly, white absorbs natural light that falls into the room, making the room appear more spacious.

Mid-Century Modern Brick Wall

To break the humdrum of walls covered by plain paint or wallpaper, you could use the mid-century modern design concept of an exposed brick wall. This way, the visual appeal will come from the two different styles of decorations on a single wall in the room. You can decorate the wall with a few artworks/paintings to give it more character. In case your house is not made of bricks, you can get wallpaper with an identical brick wall pattern.

50s Furniture

When it comes to the furniture, have the living room furnished with pieces from the 50s to the 70s. Furniture from the 50s was often made from wood and other materials. The design was also modest, but functionality was primary. To achieve this look in the living room, try furnishing it with things like elegantly simple wooden armchairs with black or grey leather cushions, a vintage table lamp, and an old, dirty-brown 50s sofa. The idea is to have the room decorated with nice vintage things from the period between the 50s and the 70s.

When staging your house for sale, you can commit to a fully mid-century modern style and use the idea in the living room to specifically attract customers and prospects who fancy the mid-century modern look. Remember to market your property as such by mentioning it in branding items like banners, posters, signs, door hangers, and all your communications to attract the right target audience. You can seek the expertise of an interior designer to execute the idea flawlessly. 

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