Rob Gronkowski & Tom Brady Pick Top Personal Trainer Alex Guerrero After Buccaneers’ Trade

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Guerrero co-owns TB12 Sports Therapy Center ” title= “Guerrero co-owns TB12 Sports Therapy Center

Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently recruited Rob Gronkowski to join his past teammate, Tom Brady, for the 2020 NFL season. Previously, these professional players secured 3 Super Bowl championships (2014, 2016, and 2018). Now, for offseason training and workouts, Gronkowski has declared his partnership with Alex Guerrero, who is known as a top personal trainer online.

Brady and trainer Guerrero have had a long-running relationship, eventually leading to the starting of the TB12 Sports Therapy Center in Foxborough, MA, which is located near Gillette Stadium of the New England Patriots. Together, they’ve developed an unconventional but transformational training program for people of all fitness levels. With Brady’s powerful results, it makes sense that Gronkowski would choose the same training. 

Training Techniques for the Long Term

With Brady at 42 years of age and Gronkowski turning 31 in a couple of weeks, these football stars are no longer at their natural peak fitness or performance recovery levels. That’s where Guerrero comes in. His training program specifically works to extend the amount of time that players can spend on the field, hopefully keeping them out of retirement for as long as possible. 

Guerrero & Brady – a history of partnership 

Meeting in 2006 after Tom Brady suffered from ongoing pain, he started a long-term collaboration project that would eventually elevate Guerrero to the position of a top personal trainer online. Now, while Guerrero is often referred to simply as “Body Coach,” he has a much greater impact on Brady’s physical and athletic health.

Their training methods have proved effective time and time again.  Today, Guerrero and his staff work with people with all varieties of fitness levels, goals, and backgrounds. His holistic method seeks to accentuate performance for the long-term and place great emphasis on well-being and longevity beyond athletics.

Preseason training is a must for NFL players who want to continue with success.  And it’s a must they avoid the massage parlors & saunas while in Florida, learning from their former team’s owner, Robert Kraft (see here).. After Tom Brady began working with new trainer Guerrero, his fitness methods and strategies began to raise major attention from those who wanted to replicate his progress. With what has become known as “The TB12 Method,” athletes began pushing their own limits. The purpose of the method is straight forward: sustain peak performance physically for as long as possible. Typical workouts feature practical resistance training to keep muscles strong and injuries at bay. All the details are described fully in Tom Brady’s Book titled “The TB12 Method.”

A Promising Future

Gronkowski, who is commonly referred to as “Gronk,” has previously trained at the TB12 facilities; it’s no surprise that he selected the method for pre-season training. Still, everyone is raving about the collaboration on social media. In late April, Guerrero posted a photo on his Instagram (@ag_tb12) of Gronkowski training in the Massachusetts Center, welcoming him to the Tampa Bay Area. 

Brady has been deemed the ‘best quarterback of all time” and Gronkowski the “one of the best tight ends in the history of the NFL.” Likewise, they know the importance of intentional offseason training and workouts to achieve the best possible performance when the 2020 pre-season opens up. Opponents may have a few more years of battling with this duo on the field. While fans work with a  top personal trainer online, Guerrero will be using his  powerful influence in person,  preparing these two for their upcoming time on the football field.

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