Happyhaves – full moon diffuser review

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In the world of essential oil diffusers, prices go from dirt-cheap to sky-high. Are expensive diffusers worth the extra money? Or can you get the same results with a cheap diffuser? My Happyhaves full moon review aims to answer that very question.

I’ve investigated diffusers, tested them, and researched owner reports to determine which diffusers are a worthy addition to your home. Let’s see if the Happyhaves Full Moon diffuser makes it on my list of worthy additions.

In this review, I share:

1. An overview of the Happyhaves Full Moon
2. Pros and cons according to current owner reports
3. My review

Made with a spiritual touch, this is an full moon lamp and diffuser from Happyhaves that uses ultrasonic pulses to produce a purifying vapor of water and essential oils. With a big 850ml water tank, the device is suitable for medium-sized rooms ranging from 300 to 600 square feet.This diffuser has a very simple control panel consisting of two pin buttons, one for turning on and off the light and the other for controlling the mist. It comes in 3 colors: white, soft white and yellow. In my opinion this is the most beautiful part as you can dim the lights according to your mood. Perfect for reading a book, practicing yoga or meditation, and for in your livingroom.

I got a lot of compliments from people when they enter my home and this Happyhaves Full Moon is the first thing they see. A real eye-catcher I must say.


  • The design is hard not to like; it’s beautiful, spiritual, and improves the ambiance in any room
  • One of the advantages of choosing an ultrasonic diffuser is no heat. Instead, ultrasonic vibrations create a fine aromatic mist
  • An automatic shut-off feature for worry-free aromatherapy sessions
  • The light functions separately from the diffuser and can be dimmed according to your mood.
  • BPA-free materials so it’s safe to use
  • This allows you to use the unit as a nightlight without activating the diffuser
  • The indicator light makes it easy to choose between your preferred intervals
  • Perfect for reading a book, yoga/meditate, and more.


  • The price of $70 can be for some people a struggle
  • It may have trouble filling a large room with essential oil aroma
  • With 6 inches the diffuser might be smaller than you think

In conclusion..
Although slightly pricey with $70, the Happy haves diffuser is beautifully designed and very realistic to the real appearance of the full moon. The ultrasonic action is quiet and has a big water capacity of 850ml so it can run over 8 hours.

The company itself appears trustworthy on a social mission and stands behind its diffuser with a 1-year warranty. Is it worth it? Yes. It all comes down to your taste but I could recommend this one for sure.

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