Experts’ Global’s end-to-end MBA admissions consulting

MBA admissions are a highly nuanced process. The student must keep track of all the minute requirements as well as understand the specificities that the admissions committee looks into. Hence, the MBA applicants prefer opting for the guidance of professional MBA admissions consultants. Experts’ Global, with its comprehensive understanding of the MBA admissions process, has helped its students own the coveted seat in each of the top-ranked 150 B-schools. No doubt, Experts’ Global remains as the preferred MBA admissions consultants for its students 

End to End Admission Consulting .

Experts’Global follows the end-to-end MBA admissions consulting approach, whereby, the team of application mentors helps the students with every aspect of the MBA admission process, from shortlisting schools, deciding the theme for application essays, building recommendations and resumes, MBA admission interviews preparation, etc. This sheer breadth of services is what sets apart the MBA admission consulting service of Experts’ Global.

School Shortlisting

While several MBA programs are available, shortlisting MBA programs that perfectly sync with your career interests can prove to be an overwhelming task. This is also because of the fact that you need to take into account myriad aspects such as financial comfort, duration of the program, scholarship opportunities, location, career opportunities etc. MBA admissions consultants at Experts’ Global know just how to analyze all these factors to shortlist the best MBA programs that perfectly suit your profile and interest.

Clear Feedback

No-nonsense coaching forms the basis of the admission consulting practice at Experts’ Global. The team here believes that a student should be able to identify and acknowledge their weak points so as to improve upon the same. Thus, at every step of the admission process, the team provides honest feedback to the student, as and when required. The students acknowledge that the brutal honesty of such feedbacks actually accorded them many benefits in the long run.

Theme Building

Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions team includes an extremely efficient essay-writing team. This team of writers works closely with the student to derive a strong theme for the application essays because a strong application is one that tells a story. Thus, the team ensures that each of their MBA applicants prepares a robust, singular, and compelling narrative that strings together their achievements, strengths, and ambitions.

Well Defined Application Process

A well-constructedMBA admissions system helps the Experts’ Global team enable a comfortable and easy experience for its students. They have been able to achieve the same by streamlining all the MBA admission requirements into a system of definite milestones. The student and the mentor track and fulfill each milestone, thus completing one step ata time. Suchanorganized approach to the MBA admissions process ensures against overwhelming the student.

Interview Training

The MBA admissions interview training at Experts’ Global starts the moment the applications are sent out. The interview training program is conducted in 3 phases: In the first stage, the student watches a set of instructional videos on the fundamentals of the admissions interview. Next, the student answers a set of interview questions. Based on the student’s response, the interview mentor sets up a mock session, working closely with the student to help him/her improve upon the weak points. Each of these mocks is followed by detailed feedbacks

Rich Content

Besides providing MBA admission consulting services, Experts’ Global also equips its students with a vast gamut of self-study resources. This is a distinctive feature as these resources include video essays that explain each step of the MBA admission process, such as essays, resume-building,application management, etc. Thus, these instructional videos empower the student, allowing them to independently work on the process, should they so desire.

Team Quality

Experts’ Global stands proud of its extremely efficient and highly motivated team. This team of expert mentors commands a nuanced understanding of the MBA admissions process and is thoroughly acquainted with the MBA-specific requirements of countless programs, worldwide. Moreover, they are highly organized which makes it incredibly easy to remain in contact with the acquainted with the MBA-specific requirements of countless programs, worldwide. Moreover, they are highly organized which makes it incredibly easy to remain in contact with them

Guiding Principle

Experts’ Global see their “clients” as students. This is the guiding principle of their MBA admissions consulting practice. Thus, mentors, see themselves as teachers, responsible for shaping their student’s career, and prioritize the student’s success over anything else. This ensures an organic mentor-mentee relationship that culminates in high success rates for the students

Thus, Experts’ Global approaches the highly complex and often counterintuitive process of MBA admission with a disciplined and structured approach that is thoroughly backed by research and experience. Hence, Experts’Global isthepreferredMBA admission consultant for 1000s of MBA aspirants, worldwide



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