Most useful tips for students to write a perfect essay

Most of the students find writing one of the challenging tasks while in school. Unfortunately, learners cannot avoid writing essays. Instructors often require students to submit essays, which are then graded. Whether the piece is for a scholarship, an assignment or a contest, students need to have the necessary writing skills. This article highlights some of the most essential tips learners should know if they want to produce perfect essays.

Research Extensively

Before commencing any paper, it is critical to undertake extensive research. Begin by researching a suitable topic, then proceed to understand its subject. It is advisable to have a variety of topics to choose the most appropriate one. Once a student has identified the topic, it is time to look for research materials suitable for the topic. The following are some of the sources students can get useful information:

  • Journals. These are more suitable when doing academic research work. Peer-reviewed journals contain credible information that can be used in academic research papers. Journals can be obtained from academic databases or Google Scholar.
  • Coursebooks
  • Newspapers. These can be useful especially when learners are researching current events
  • Websites. These should be used sparingly since a majority of websites and blogs do not have credible information. In most cases, instructors forbid students from relying on websites like Wikipedia.

For students dealing with challenging research topics, essay writing services are critical. These services have experienced writers who can deal with even complex topics.

Develop a writing structure

Before commencing writing, learners need to plan the writing structure to be followed. This means creating an outline for the paper. Outlines are critical in structuring the entire essay content. They assist in organizing the thoughts of a researcher. This is critical in creating an organized paper with all the details required. With an outline, further, it prevents being stuck in one section since a writer knows what to write in the next part. The most effective way of creating an outline is having a diagram where lines of the main ideas branch from the main topic. More lines should emanate from the ideas identified as a way of including more thoughts. A diagram helps in allowing the writer to see the connections in the essay hence a more organized paper.

Develop an Introduction after Conclusion

When writing an essay, a majority of learners tend to begin with an introduction then proceed to the other parts of the essay. However, an introduction should be developed after writing the whole essay. Remember, an introduction gives an overview of what will be discussed in the body paragraphs. Hence, it is not possible to have an introduction before developing the body paragraphs. The introduction should capture the attention of the readers. This can be done through:

  • A popular quote
  • Shocking statistics
  • A story

The conclusion ties the paper together. It is a summary of what has been discussed in the body paragraphs. It is not allowed to introduce new ideas in the conclusion. After writing this part, a writer can then develop the introduction. For students who have challenges writing their papers, numerous online writing services that can write essays in three hours. Such services are critical for jobs that have shorter deadlines.

Consider Word Count

Before writing the essay content, establish the number of pages required. Every essay has a specific word count that students should not go below or exceed. The word count usually excludes the cover page, references and additional information in the appendix. In most, a page is 275 words. However, this largely depends on the professor. Get in touch with your instructor to establish the word count.


Some students do not mind to cross-check the essay after writing. Such papers have grammatical mistakes that end up costing them their grade. Instructors want papers that are well edited and proofread. Scoring a good grade also includes having proper English. You can take advantage of advanced editing software like Grammarly to remove most of the common mistakes. However, you still need to proofread the paper to remove the remaining mistakes that the software did not detect. Essays from are usually well proofread. The company has a team of editors who ensure that every paper meets the required editing standard.

Share it With Somebody to Edit

After proofreading the paper, there are some mistakes you may not see. This creates the need to get someone else to read the paper. It can be a friend of a classmate who has expertise in your field. This individual will be able to suggest possible changes to improve the paper.

Concisely, you have learned how to write an essay. The tips offered here are critical to learners who wish to excel in essay writing. While writing may appear difficult for most learners, it is something they can learn and perfect. Mastering the art of writing is critical in allowing students to communicate their thoughts effectively. Any student can be a good writer. By following the outlined tips, you will become the good writer you have always dreamed of becoming. It may not be easy at the beginning but you will eventually make it.


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