How to clean my wood floors?

Many people choose to install wooden floors in their homes, since these are beautiful, delicate and generate a warm and elegant atmosphere, and even this type of floor is currently a worldwide trend, which is why we when visiting Our friends see how most of them have wooden floors in their houses, perhaps because of how beautiful these floors are you want to install them in your home, but you are afraid to do it because you are afraid of damaging them when cleaning them, therefore you limit yourself to install them, if this is your concern, you don’t have to worry.

Although it is true that cleaning wooden floors turns out to be a somewhat delicate task, since these floors are very sensitive to humidity and chemicals, their cleaning as such is very simple and easy to perform, you just have to follow these steps that We will present you below to clean your floors while at the same time protecting them, without further limiting we present the steps to follow to carry out the cleaning of your wooden floors.

Steps to Properly Clean Wood Floors

The first thing you have to do is vacuum your wooden floors daily you can choose robot vacuums for hardwood floors, because keep in mind that dust can deteriorate them little by little and this is not what you want, it is also recommended that once a week or every 15 days you Carry out a full cleaning to remove all particles of dirt, which have the ability to damage the surface of wood floors.

To do this, you must first vacuum or sweep the floor with a fine-bristled brush to avoid scratching the floor, followed by taking a bucket and pouring hot water with a touch of disinfectant, then dip a clean cloth into the bucket, you leave it for a while so that it is impregnated with the disinfectant, followed by it you take out the cloth, you squeeze it well, finally you pass it through all your floors, if you want to see more steps like this we invite you to continue reading this note.

When you finish passing the cloth all over the floor, it will be necessary to take another cloth, one that is clean and dry, you have to pass it through the floors again, with the sole purpose of removing the water that has become depleted, from this in this way we can clean our floors correctly, without damaging them.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that to avoid damaging these beautiful as luxurious floors, they should avoid dragging furniture, walking on them with their heels on, since both actions can scratch the floor, in case you accidentally spill any liquid on the Floor will be of vital importance that your lemons it right away, and you can even make yourself a commercial product specially designed for these types of Floors, one that is ideal to care for and keep your floors shiny.

Another important recommendation that we give you is that you do not allow the floor to be exposed to the sun’s rays, since this action can deteriorate your floors and, in addition.

In general, if there are no visible traces of contamination on the floor surface, it is enough to use only a vacuum cleaner. And if you ask yourself whether it is possible to wash the wooden floor with a washing vacuum cleaner, then there can only be one answer – absolutely not. The same applies to all kinds of steam cleaners. They themselves contradict the concept of dry laminate cleaning and can significantly damage its structure and reduce its service life by several times. A washing vacuum cleaner is ideal for carpets, and wooden floor.


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