8 Excellent Ayurvedic Tips to Follow This Summer

As the sudden change of weather beckons the herald of summer, it also brings in its trail a series of issues like sweat, skin rashes, dehydration, and a lot more. While the whole culture of self-care and well being is directed towards embracing the bottle formula, the question arises-Do we really need beauty bottles to take care of our skin, hair, and overall body? The answer is no. Ayurveda suggests that by inculcating a little bit of discipline and embracing a few changes in lifestyle and self-care, one can keep all recurring problems during season change away for good.

Moreover, it is also suggested to consume foods that are high in alkaline content to counterbalance the heat. It is to be understood that summer is the season of high pitta. Hence, one should always look towards keeping your body cool so that pitta dosha doesn’t get aggravated. Also, foods that are rich in water will help re-hydrate one’s body and also ensure the flow of antioxidants to ensure a healthy immune system. Consuming onions, drinking lots and lots of water, and eating more green vegetables will ensure that your body system doesn’t stay dry, which means more heat, and more problems. Here are eight such excellent Ayurvedic tips that one should embrace to fight the heat of summer and ensure overall well being. 

Consume Foods That Easily Pacify Pitta 

During summertime, you must make efforts to keep your body cooled and gain relief from any excess heat. An excellent way to go about it is to bulk up on water-rich fruits like pears, apples, palms, berries, watermelons, and prunes. On the veggie side, your options should include cucumber, broccoli, sprouts, and asparagus.

The Magic of Coconut Oil 

There is absolutely no need to harp on the goodness of coconut for both hair and skin. During summer, you must make the best use of coconut oil to reap its benefits. Make it a routine in the morning to rub a good amount of coconut oil all across the body before you hit the shower. Not only it imparts a calm and cooling effect over your body, but it also offers essential hydration for your skin in general. Coconut Hair Oil, as we all know, can be used regularly for hair care to help treat recurring issues like frizzy hair ends and keep away dry scalp and itchiness.

Avoiding Foods That Generate Body Heat

While you must consume foods that keep your body cool, it only makes sense to avoid the ones that generate heat. The list begins with consuming sour and citrus fruits, carrots, and beetroots that are known to produce a good amount of heat within the body. Alternately, one also needs to limit the intake of foods like tomato, chillies, garlic, salted cheese, and sour cream, which can function to hamper your system. Consume salads to your heart’s content as they are naturally cooling and works great when taken right alongside your lunch. If you are a meat lover, summer is probably not the best time to consume dark meat as it readily generates a great amount of heat as it takes time to digest. Reality check says that we are not always in a position to keep a check on our diet, especially during any occasion. In such cases, it is recommended that you cut down on your level of intake around such foods to help keep the balance right. 

Always Eat At the Right Time

While it’s always a good thing to take your meals at the right time, summer is one such season where you need to abide by the rule strictly. During summer, it is recommended that you eat at the right time when your digestive fire is at its peak, which is generally during the midday. Preferably, the best time to have your lunch during the summer months. Also, on the other end, it is advised not to skip your lunch as it readily upsets the pitta dosha and affects your mood as well. 

Stay Away From Hot Drinks

Consuming hot drinks is another blunder during summers, which affects the pitta dosha. Although most people resort to drinking cold water and other beverages, it does more harm than good. The ideal choice is to drink the beverage at room temperature to strike the right balance.

Avoid Strenuous Activity or Exercise of Any Kind

For people who exercise daily in the morning, it inculcates a good and positive habit. However, during the summer months, you must keep away from indulging in strenuous activities or any exercise that generates body heat. While you can choose to exercise during the evening during other seasons, morning time is the best and highly recommended during the summertime especially. 

Cooling Oils to the Rescue 

The scorching heat of summer brings in its trail a string of problems. One such issue is minor to moderate skin rashes and blemishes that keep occurring from time to time. As such, cool oils can come in real handy. Jasmine Oil, Khus, and sandalwood are a great option to bring about a soothing and cooling effect all over your skin.

Exfoliation for Skin

Summer demands that you take extra care of your skin. Hence, exfoliation becomes all the way more necessary to remove the dead cells that generally ruins the texture and balance of our skin. Ayurvedic ingredients like Neem, Sandalwood, green gram as well as fennel powder are great sources of exfoliation, owing to their natural cleansing properties. They work towards cleaning the dirt and impurities and remove the dead skin without stripping your skin off its natural oils. 


 Summer demands that you take extra care of your skin and hair. Hence, it is vital that you take care of your diet, exercise routine, lifestyle, hair, and skincare methods to strike the right chord. 


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