A Brief Guide to Media Outlets in the Northern Mariana Islands

When you book a vacation to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), you might be wondering how you’ll stay plugged in to the world. Where can you get news about what’s happening around the islands, as well as around the globe? What can you and your travel companions watch on TV during your rest times from touring activities? Which radio stations can you tune into while you’re on the road or sitting around the beach?

To answer those questions, here’s a brief guide on the media outlets that operate within the Northern Marianas. This should help you pick out an entertainment, sports, or news network in CNMI that you can tune to during your stay on the islands. Stay up to date during your travels with any one of these major options.


Wherever you are in the world, you may have a set morning routine—and that likely includes reading a newspaper over breakfast. Those who still prefer to read news publications can seek the following broadsheets out when they’re in the Northern Marianas.

Marianas Variety

The Marianas Variety is a paper that’s been in circulation since 1972. It is professionally affiliated with the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, and the Pacific Islands News Association. The paper has a readership of over 40,000 all over CNMI. You can expect to read full-color 24-to-40 page spreads from the Marianas Variety, 5 days a week.

Saipan Tribune

Another major paper in CNMI is the Saipan Tribune, which is owned by Pacific Publications and Printing Inc. It’s affiliated with the AP, Pacific Islands News Association, and King Features Syndicate, among others. It’s published Mondays through Fridays and contains essential coverage on local and international events, business, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Marianas Business Journal

The Marianas Business Journal is based in Guam, but it also enjoys a wide readership in Saipan. It offers exclusive business news and expert coverage on all things related to the trade and industry of Micronesia. If you have business interests in the Northern Marianas or have business partners who are based in the area, reading this paper will prove helpful.


The radio, on the other hand, is a great medium to tune into while you’re in transit or far away from the next TV screen. The local radio stations in CNMI broadcast news coverage, talk shows, island and contemporary music, and even religious content. Five of the most popular stations in the Northern Marianas are:

  • KRNM 88.1 FM, a Saipan-based educational radio station featuring programs from National Public Radio (NPR)
  • K221EF Man’nge Elle’ 92.10 FM, a station owned by Blue Continent Communications that broadcasts island music
  • KORU Joy 89.90 FM, a station owned by the Good News Broadcasting Corporation that features religious content
  • KWAW 100.3 FM, a Garapan-based station that features rhythmic contemporary music
  • KMOP 91.5 FM Melodies of Prayer, a station run by the Marianas Educational Media Services that airs religious content.


Few hotel rooms, resort villas, or homestays in the Northern Marianas are without their own television sets. While you’re on vacation here, you have a wide range of cable TV channels to choose from. The two top sources of CNMI television content are KSPN2 and the Saipan Visitor’s Channel.


KSPN2, whose parent company is Flame Tree TV, is the CNMI’s top channel for local, international, weather-related, sports-related, and entertainment-related news. You should default to the KSPN2 channel to stay on top of the news cycle.

Saipan Visitor’s Channel

The Saipan Visitor’s Channel is a great channel to watch to get a full introduction to the CNMI. Content that you can expect from this channel are features on the Northern Mariana’s tourist attractions, cuisine, sports activities, and shopping.

Other Cable TV Channels

Some other channels from the region and from abroad that you can watch on CNMI cable TV are:

  • KTGM and KUAM-TV, which are licensed to Guam
  • International news channels like CNN
  • Film channels like HBO and Cinemax
  • Sports channels like ESPN
  • Family-friendly channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Junior
  • Lifestyle channels like HGTV and Food Network
  • Religious channels like EWTN
  • Foreign channels like KBS World (Korea), NHK (Japan), Chung T’ien (Taiwan), and GMA (the Philippines).

Thus, social media or online news outlets don’t have to be your only sources of media content while you’re on vacation in the Northern Marianas. You can revel in paradise while at the same time keeping the media consumption habits you would at home.

Don’t hesitate to ask your local tour operator, hotel or resort staff, or friends in CNMI about where you should tune in. Lastly, take the opportunity to learn more about the culture, way of life, and values of the Northern Mariana community through its various media outlets. It’s sure to further enrich your experience as a visitor to the islands.

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