Factors That Determine The Chances of Pregnancy Through IVF Procedure

Irrespective of undergoing the treatment under the Top IVF Specialist, the result of one patient can vary considerably. The result of an IVF treatment can be positive depending on various factors. It can vary depending on the condition of the male or the female partner.

However, the increasing issues of pregnancy and people undergoing the treatment at the right time have the desired outcomes of the procedure within the first cycle—over 25% of the couples who experience the IVF process before the age of 35 years, do not have to face the second cycle of IVF.

The Factors That Affect the Results of an IVF Cycle:

The maternal and paternal factors causing the sterility issues cannot be altered. So, the doctor has to initiate the treatment keeping in mind the factors leading to infertility. If you are reaching out to the doctor for infertility treatment, the controllable factors for the results of an IVF Cycle include the following.

  • Embryo Transfer:

Not all the doctors are capable enough to provide you with the best results for the IVF treatment. However, it is their experience that helps with the necessary performance. If you want to get the best results within the minimum cycles, try to undergo treatment under the top specialist.

  • Frozen Embryos:

Multiple embryos can be formed during the In Vitro Fertilisation. However, not all are transferred in the womb within the first cycle. Only the feasible number of embryos that allow the growth of child inside the womb, and does not put the life of the mother to risk are used in the first cycle.

Rest of the embryos are put to the blastocyst stage and then frozen. The blastocyst process helps the embryos to grow for a period of five days before freezing. It helps you to be aware of the embryos that have proper growth. During the blastocyst, the nuclei that convert into babies with proper growth have a higher chance of increasing the results of IVF treatment by 30 to 40%.

  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis of an Embryo:

If the genetic diagnosis of the embryo results in the suitability of embryo close to 90%, then the chances of success of IVF procedure increases by 50%. So, if you choose the Best Hospital For an IVF Treatment, there are chances that you avail the better results out of it. You can get the improved results compared to the nuclei that are transplanted without any prognosis.

However, the results can only be improved and not just put close to 100%. It is because the conversion of an embryo in the baby is not only based on the transplant, but there are several other factors after an embryo transfer that defines pregnancy.

Final Words:

Now, if you want to undergo the IVF procedure and require the best possible results for the same, then you must select the hospital and the treatment centre very wisely. You have numerous options to get the results in India, and also the success of the treatment in India is above 95%.

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