Convincing Reasons You Should Invest on a Mattress with an Adjustable Base

For most people, a mattress with an adjustable base is often coined with images of hospital beds. Others even associate this with their grandparent’s bedroom. But an adjustable base can be your best bedding decision.

Adjustable bed frames offer so much. These can help enhance your lifestyle because the whole idea of these beds is providing you with ergonomic sleep positions. Want to sit up on your bed while watching your favorite movies on the tv or your laptop? Wish to eat your favorite snacks on the bed? Adjustable beds literally have your back. So, here are some of the top convincing reasons why investing in an adjustable frame bed is a good idea.

They work in practice with all modern mattresses. Most buyers initially have this misconception that adjustable frames only work with all foam, thin mattresses. On the contrary, these frames work very well with memory foams, latex foams, and some innerspring beds. But to be safe, double-check that your mattress with work with an adjustable base. In general, though, any mattress that can fit in a compressed box for shipping can work with the right adjustable bed foundation. Plus, adjustable bases fit well with practically all bed frames as well.

They help minimize your chronic back pains. Because beds with adjustable bases allow you to customize your sleeping positions, this will help align your spine. In turn, the pressure on your hips and lower back is significantly minimized. For instance, if you have chronic back pains, sleeping on an inclined position can help lessen pressure and morning pains and aches. Plus, adjustable bases with dual motors for foot and head adjustments allow you to elevate your head slightly just above your heart. This way, you can have a night of better sleep, and blood flow is facilitated correctly.

They help lessen sleep apnea and snoring. When your air is blocked between your nose or mouth and your lungs, this causes snoring. The tissue vibrates once the air is blocked, which then results in less-than-appealing noises. When you are lying down, the gravity that works with your neck’s weight creates the blockage. As you adjust your bed’s base to raise your head, the pressure your neck is carrying is alleviated, therefore opening up your airways. Furthermore, people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea can get personalized solutions when they use adjustable bed frames.

They improve your digestion. We all grew up believing that it is never safe to lie down or sleep right after we eat. But let’s admit it; we’re so guilty of doing just that. When you lay flat after you eat, your food doesn’t digest easily; thus, resulting in acid reflux. However, lying flat while raising your head can help your body’s digestion process and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic acid reflux. Of course, pillows can help, but the lack of proper support under your shoulder and upper back can cause some misalignment. Adjustable frames are designed to lessen issues coming from acid reflux, sans the possibilities of poor relief and alignment.

The bottom line is that a mattress with an adjustable base provides customization and unparalleled comfort, whether you are sleeping or just lounging. Before buying, talk to a sleep professional so you can find the best solutions for your mattress.


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