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New York City, 11th February 2020 – Diamond Lighthouse – an online diamond selling company – today declared and publicized the relocation of its business to a new office space to accommodate the quick improvement and forthcoming expansion. Furthermore, Diamond Lighthouse is also offering to its clients to get an outstanding offer for their diamond on this great day as it is a big deal for everyone.

Diamond Lighthouse is pleased to announce the introductory and foundational part of its new and spacious office in New York City. It is situated in 50 west 47 street suite 1916 New York 10036; the new building will house or accommodate Diamond Lighthouse business units. The modern and spacious offices allocate the ability for sales, services, and leadership, and customer support operations across the entity. The fresh and innovative center allows Diamond Lighthouse to depict its start-of-the-art solutions and product as “where to sell my diamond” to current and potential clients as well as make payments to the general comprehension of the augmented significance making use of profound services since the company is the ideal place when looking for “where to sell my diamond.”

The big difference

Diamond Lighthouse is different than companies

Sell Your Diamond Jewelry like Blue Nile partner of Mondiamo or worthy, in a sense that they all buy your diamond and need to get the lowest price for it and Diamond Lighthouse sells the diamond to the highest bidder and then make a commission and this makes the sellers interest and Diamond Lighthouse interest one and the same.

“Diamond Lighthouse was lucky to find such an outstanding and well-served space. The company wanted to constraint or restricted the outcome that relocation could have on the consumers and the esteemed staff. The company couldn’t have found a better and astounding location for the team as the new location to “where to sell my diamond,” and improved functional effectiveness. As a result, it will help the Diamond Lighthouse to carry on growing and improving to keep pace with the consumer needs, allowing the company to provide exceptional values and superior service of “selling my diamond” along the way, said the President of Diamond Lighthouse.

Diamond Lighthouse sells an array of diamond jewelry brands that take different shapes and sizes into account. Moreover, since Diamond Lighthouse is the ideal place “where to sell my diamond,” as it prides itself on providing outstanding services to clients who want to sell and buy diamonds across New York City and its environs, the Diamond Lighthouse would also like to announce that it is now offering to our consumers to get an offer for their diamond on the same day, and that is a big deal that other company offers.

About Diamond Lighthouse

The company –Diamond Lighthouse – prides itself on how and where to sell my diamond online as it works for its clients to find the highest offer for their diamonds. Moreover, the Diamond Lighthouse is an outstanding and profound buying and selling agent since it plays an integral role in helping various people how to sell their diamonds to the highest bidder. Therefore, Diamond Lighthouse is labeled as an outstanding agent, as there are multiple reasons why is the ideal place for people to sell their diamond. Diamond Lighthouse is the place “where to sell my diamond” as the company gives its clients access to diamond buyers and sellers to pay and earn premium prices to their commodities. In a nutshell, the Diamond Lighthouse allows buyers to bid on a client’s diamond as he or she can accept or reject an offer while on the internet.


Author Eli Ofel

Phone: (844) 207-3042

Email : [email protected]

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